Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Let's Get Down To Business!

 I am so grateful for email time, but goodness gracious it is stressful! Thank you to all those who emailed me this week. I really appreciate that! I love replying to them all, so my big email this week will be a little short. :) I will just share a few highlights:
1. We found a PANINI maker in our apartment. YYYYYEEEEESSSSSS!!!!
2. We had a recent convert from the other Nauvoo ward move into our ward a couple months ago, and she is doing awesome and can now go and do baptisms for the dead at the Temple. MIRACLE!!!!! We are so excited for her. :)
3. We got to go to Iowa City for a Zone Conference this week! So much fun. About 80% of the mission was there, so I got to see so many people! It was a very uplifting session, and I really needed it. Plus the 2 hour drive was nice... nap time? yep. :)
4. The Keokuk Sisters were out of town this week on exchanges, so they asked us to go and teach a couple of their investigators. What a great experience! They were both families, and I have never taught a family on my mission, so it was really cool to experience. Both families are being baptized next week. I will send you pics. :)
5. A member gave us free Christmas deco this week. AKA - a tiny revolving Christmas tree and 700 LIGHTS!!! You better believe I am taking some to my next area. :)
6. We got kicked out of a trailer park this week because the owner was Atheist. Missionary work at it's finest!
7. Sunday night after planning, I took the top off of our broom and acted out and sang the "Lets get down to business" Mulan song. Some things never change.
8. We topped off the whole week with a trip to the Temple this morning.
I love my life. That is the only thing that describes how I feel about the work I do each day. What a sacred thing to be doing every day from sun-up to sun-down and even in between. :)
At Zone conference this week, the topic was the Book of Mormon. I have developed a great love for the Book of Mormon in the last 13 months, so being trained on how to make that love greater was amazing. What a blessing this will be! One of my favorite talks about the Book of Mormon comes from Elder Holland. (Shocker.)
This talk gives me chills every time. I encourage you not just to read it, but to watch it. He speaks with much power and it truly touches your soul. I also invite each of you to join my in studying the Book of Mormon every day this week. I promise you that more power, peace, joy, love, and Spirit will come into your life. Read a chapter. Read a verse. Read the whole thing! It doesn't matter how much you read! :)
I love you all very much! Thank you for all you do, and for the prayers on not only my behalf, but for those we are working with. It means the world. I LOVE YOU!!! And more importantly, Father in Heaven and his son Jesus Christ love you.
-Sister Jensen
I got the sweetest "fall package" from Sister Rasmussens Mom! Thanks Brenda! :)

Temple Time :)  

Tryin out some new "fluff" eyeshadow... I think it's a winner.
This week I didn't even wait for planning to be over. Yep. Feel asleep with pencil in hand.
Its beginning.... :):):)