Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Daughter of a King

This has been quite the week! The nearer you get to transfers, the crazier things get cause you are in a crunch. I love it! :) It was a good week though!  We saw a lot of miracles. Not only in our lives, but in the lives of our investigators.
1. The Grows gave us a new chair from IKEA this week, so we know have a "therapy corner."
2. I finished a family line during family history this week! One of the best feelings ever!
3. We got to teach seminary on Thursday. At Carthage Jail. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! It was so much fun! The lesson was on Joseph Smith History 1:1-20 so it included the first vision. Brother Raisor asked us to teach it because he said, "I could teach it and it would be good, but you two are set apart to teach this exact thing. You will teach with more power than I could." Super cool experience. Waking up at 4:30 was totally worth it!
4. We had interviews with President and Sister Jensen this week. They went really well! It was so good to talk with them and counsel with them. Those two... I love them. Sister Monroe and I were able to take things they said, and apply them to our companionship and we are doing much better! We finally feel like we are having some unity. It's nice. :)
5. One of our investigators, Betty, bought a tablet just so she could research the church online and download the scriptures. Um... WHAT?!?!
6. We went to a wedding this week. A CATHOLIC wedding. Super weird, but super cool! It was for our landlords son. It was a really cool experience for me actually. It did two things:
 1. Just confirmed to me again that I am in Christ's true church.
 2. Gave me insight into how our investigators feel when they come to church for the first time. SUPER WEIRD!
7. We found "Phase 10" cards in our apartment this week. Enough said.
8. We had the most INCREDIBLE lesson with Carolyn this week. She has really been having a hard time with the whole baptism thing, but she was really humbled this week. I don't even think that I can give the lesson justice in an email, but just know that she has been closer than she ever has been. She asked us to talk about the requirements of membership the next time we visited. She also for the first time ever, actually talked about her baptism and what she will want. People... this is a complete act of God. A miracle! All I can tell you is that personal, ward, and the Temple roll work. We serve a God of miracles.  And we got to top it all of with a trip to the Temple this morning. Happy Labor day to us. :)
Each day I am shocked by how happy I am. I get my heart broken daily, I get yelled at and anti'd, I get doors slammed in my face, I am more aware of my weaknesses than I ever have been, and I am exhausted. But, then I remember... I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I wear my family name and the name of my Savior Jesus Christ on my chest every day. I am the daughter of a king and I get to spend each day finding his other children. I have been given everything I need to succeed. Why would I not be happy? This is the best thing that has ever been offered to me.
This video portrays something that changed my life forever. I watched the video this week for the first time on my mission, and happiness flooded my soul. I invite each of you to watch it, and feel that same excitement for something that changed this world for eternity.
I love all of you! I am grateful for each of you. I pray you have a great week!
-Sister Jensen

Suprise late birthday party with the Petersons! They even made chicken roll-ups... my favorite. :)
Teaching seminary at Carthage Jail :)
Carthage Jail with the Shallenbergers :)

Showdown with Herb at Dairy Queen.

Pure Happiness :)