Sunday, August 25, 2013

Week One: Check.

Well, I made it one week in the MTC. Who would have thought right?? My last letter was a little depressing so I am surprised too. Haha anyways, since I don't have a lot of time to do this whole "email thing", I have been writing just some key things from each day that I wanted to share with you all. So, I will just go day by day.
Saturday: I will start by saying it was the first day I didn't wake up and cry. PROGRESS PEOPLE. I am making progress. (I am still holding true to that statement by the way. WOO!) It was still kind of a weird day for me though. We taught our investigator/teacher in role play Dave. He kind of hit me and my companions with a simple yet tough question and it just totally threw us off... We really weren't able to concentrate the rest of the day. Definitely made me feel a little inadequate being here. That did, however, make me realize more fully how essential prayer is. That night, I just poured my heart out to my Heavenly Father asking for comfort and guidance, and shocker alert: I got it. I have come to realize that I am most humble when I have been knocked down. That is when I truly realize that if I don't rely on my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ throughout my mission... I will not be the missionary I hope to be.
Sunday: Sunday was amazing! We had sacrament with our zone, and then it was music and the spoken word (which was incredible of course) and then relief society. We had the cutest little Mexican lady come speak and she was just darling. She talked about her mission and just bore testimony of the power of what we are doing. Amazing! After that, we got to walk to the Temple and just take pictures! I saw Elder Childs and actually had my camera this time! WOO! It was good to see him and he was so excited about leaving the next day. He was ready! After the Temple, we went to choir practice. Yes mother, I am in choir. Ha! shocker I know. But the director, Brother Eggett is just hilarious and totally makes it worth it. Probably one of my favorite parts of the night though was the fireside. Vai Sikahema (I think that’s how you spell it) spoke and he is just amazing. He played football for the Eagles I think, and he is now a television sports broadcaster. Amazing person! Look him up on youtube... hilarious! Anyways, he actually brought one of his converts to speak with him. They had just got back from a family trip with both their families to Vais' mission. Can you believe that?? He converted him 30 years ago and they just took their families to his mission. Made me think that if I only have one person who I help convert who will stick to the Gospel, my mission will have been worth it. Amazing example. 

Monday: Monday was a little rough. Our alarm didn't go off and we had zone conference first thing that morning of course. So we missed breakfast and we were late. Then, the day turned around. We met with our other investigator/teacher that night and it was the first time I felt like I was teaching by the spirit. Amazing experience. One of my favorite things about Monday though was mail time. My sweet mother sent me the best package ever and it literally made me cry. If you see her, make sure you let her know that she is the best mom ever! I truly understand now why missionaries always said mail was encouraged. It is one of the best parts of the day!
Tuesday: Well we taught Dave again and committed him to be baptized. I know. It was the coolest thing getting to ask him that and it makes me so excited for the field! That night we had our devotional at the Marriott center. it reminded me of when me, my mom, Taylor, and Braelynn went there for the mission broadcast in June I think. My mother stood in front of the building with a sign that said, "Need tickets." Haha you will have to ask her for the full story. It's a good one. :) Anyway, a member of the seventy spoke but I can't remember his name.( whoops!) But, it was a good talk. Got me pumped to get to Iowa! Mail was great! I got a letter from Stephanie and Kevan (Thankyou), my mom, and my sister Justine. She included pictures of my boys and I about died. I showed them off to my district and everybody agrees they are the cutest nephews ever. ;)
Wednesday: Well Wednesday was just Wednesday. The new missionaries came in and that was just weird! We sat and watched for a sec and then had to leave cause we wanted to cry. Haha still a little to fresh for us. The best part of Wednesday though was definitely zone volleyball. You just had to be there but we just constantly laughed. It was great! I need to give a shout out to Jon and Michelle! They sent me package with letters, poptarts, diet dr. pepper, and cookie dough. Does it get any better?? Haha I think not! Thank you you guys!
Thursday: In field orientation. All day. It was... tiring. They just basically talked to us for 9 hours about what to expect in the field. That was about it. And also, we (my district) were all so delirious after that, we just sat and laughed hysterically the rest of the night. We have had a habit of that lately...
Today: Well. We started out the day with a session at the Provo Temple! Amazing. I was seriously craving that. It was very cool to be able to do that with my zone. And now I am here, writing you this letter. And life is good. I am actually starting to like it here at the MTC. The food is getting better and I am being my normal spastic self! My home-sickness is fading and I am grateful for that. Life is just good. It is a good time to be a missionary! One more thing, my mother sent me a fiesta in a box last night. Chips and queso, taco sauce, a little sombrero. The whole shebang. Haha made my week for sure. Anyways, I miss you all and I love you! The letters and packages have meant the world to me. It is crazy to think that on Wednesday morning, I will be flying out to Iowa. Where has the time gone?? I really do love being a missionary and know that this will be the hardest as well as the most life changing 18 months of my life.
I LOVE YOU ALL! -Sister Jensen

Sister Harmon in the middle and Sister Rasmussen on the right. Thanks for the mustaches mom! :)

My District!

Elder Dallin Childs. Called to serve in Norway!
Our junk food closet :)
Fiesta in a box. Priceless

Saturday, August 17, 2013

SURPRISE! Friday is P-Day!

Hey everyone! Well, as you can probably guess Friday is my P-Day. It's so exciting that I have been here less than 3 days and I already get the chance to write home! God truly works in mysterious ways... So, how is everybody?? How are my boys?? Lets just say that I am so glad I brought my little picture book. I stare at those pictures and every night and it gives me so much comfort. Well, the MTC so far has been interesting. I have loved it and I have hated it. I'll start with the love part so I don't cry again. From the moment I stepped on campus, the spirit that I have felt has been undeniable and so strong. One of the first things we did when we got here was they rounded all the new missionaries together and had orientation. They told us that on Wednesday, 850 new missionaries entered this MTC. The biggest number they have ever had... that made me feel a little better knowing I wasn't alone. We then sang the missionary song but changed the lyrics a little. It went like this.... We are as the Army of Helaman We have been taught in our youth And we are now the Lord's missionaries To bring the word his truth Kay. Hi. Tears. The entire time. I AM FINALLY A MISSIONARY! It sort of sank in a little more in that moment. Then after that, we got the opportunity to watch and to teach to 3 people. About 50 missionaries gathered in the room and it was silent and peaceful. An amazing teaching experience and probably my favorite so far. Since I know that you are totally all wondering, yes. The food is pretty gross. Lets just say that being a picky eater at the MTC kind of bites. And of course I get the companions that will eat everything! They love the food and I just sit there with my kiwi. It's totally fine. And yes, you read that right... companionS! I have two! Sister Rasmussen is from Taylorsville and is 19 years old. She is darling. Just always smiling and super happy. I can just tell that she will connect with so many people on her mission. Then there is Sister Harmon who is also so sweet. She is 20 years old and is from New Mexico. They are both amazing companions! Although, they are so much like each other that I am usually the one getting kicked off the island. Haha that's alright though. It's my childhood in a nutshell. (Thanks Tine and Tay!) But, the reason I have two is because Sister Rasmussen's companion never showed... weird right??? So it is just us three. Even in our room! There was supposed to be 5 girls in our room and 2 never showed. So we each get a bunk bed and a desk. SOOOO grateful for that. I like my space. :) My district consists of 4 sets of elders and then us sisters. And for our teachers, Brother Turner and Brother Wynn, we are the only district they have ever had that are all going to the same mission. It's awesome!! We are all completely different but that is why we work well. Kinda weird but just trust me. The Elders have such amazing testimonies and insights! Today, we all got to teach our first investigator. Dave is his name and being our teacher is his game. (Haha I know that was totally wierd but go with it) So yes. We get to teach our teacher in character. It is quite the experience I will tell you that. So, the hard things about the MTC. First things first. I am homesick. Like... way bad! I am either crying or on the verge of tears usually. And I know it sounds dumb but I feel like I am the only one! I know that I am not though... Also, the MTC is kind of weird because you are surrounded by all these other missionaries and it is great but at the same time, I just want to get out! We get to go to the Temple next friday and that is the thing I seriously am looking forward to the most. I just need some world outside of the MTC. I cannot wait to get out to Iowa and just have a little bit more freedom. I am truly learning how to rely on my Savior for comfort. I have prayed more in the last 2 days than I have in months. I know he hears me... although the comfort comes for only a little while, it comes. And I can feel my Savior's love make up for the ache I have in my heart. There are so many amazing sisters here who have so much comfort and advice to give. They are a huge blessing in my life here at the MTC. Also, I totally pulled a Linsey and asked for a blessing from my District leader, Elder Ellsworth. I haven't received it yet but am looking forward to it. Lisa, if you are reading this, come find me. Hahaha I really just need a little piece of home right now. A huge hug from you would be the best thing right now. I just got my first package from someone... not sure who... and I am so excited for tonight when I get to open it! Please remember me in your prayers and in you hearts. Also, letters, emails, ANYTHING, are greatly appreciated. ;) Just know that I love you all and am so grateful for your influence and for your caring words before I left. They have comforted me immensely in my 2 1/2 days here. Once again, letters and emails and packages are totally appreciated. I love you all so much! Especially you mom! I miss you. Alot. I kind of need a mom hug right now. But, In 18 months I will. WOOO! -Sister Jensen P.S. - I don't have a first name any more and its weird. P.P.S - I have seen Elder Childs twice and of course didn't have my camera with me either time. He is happy and healthy and ready to get to Norway already! We already decided next time we see each other, we will get a picture. Even if we have to use someone else's camera!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I am on my way to officially become a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. First though, I wanted to thank you all for your amazing examples. Especially my family. They have supported and loved me all of my life and I know that will continue while I serve. I am so excited to be going to Iowa and to get to know and get the opportunity to serve the people there. I know that it will be the hardest as well as the most rewarding thing I have done to this point in my life. I wanted to give my last post to my mom. She has been my biggest supporter and my best friend. She has impacted my life for the better more than she will ever know. I love you mom! Also, I would love to hear from you all. See you all in 18 months!