Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pageant Superfan

What a week! I am completely exhausted, but I have never been happier. I received a lot of tender mercies this week... nothing new though. :)
Monday: Nothing too exciting, except for the fact that I got to eat lunch with my sweet Grandparents in Nauvoo. Does it get better? I think not! (Insert teacher from "Incredibles" voice here.)
Tuesday: Just our normal Tuesday full of shirtless people, second hand smoke, and service. :) We found a new investigator today named Diane! She is a cute old granny who is stoked to be baptized. We just gotta get her to church. :) We had the opportunity to go to Pageant tonight and I got to see my sweet cousin, Allie! :)
Wednesday: We got to do family history today of course and then we went to Sister Munsons funeral. It was a really beautiful service, and it was fun to reflect on the things she taught me in my 3 months of knowing her. We went to Carthage after that, and did some service for a non-member. I have never pulled so many weeds in my life! So rewarding. :) We went to pageant again tonight! I love the British Pageant so any time I can see it, I am a happy camper.
Thursday: Our last district meeting of the transfer! So weird how fast these 6 weeks have flown by... We went to pageant again tonight and I got to see so many people! The Tunneys and the Prices who are from Winterset were here and Sister Matley who is serving there right now was here, so she got to fill me in on all the details of what is happening! I still love Winterset just as much as I did 3 months ago. I always will.
Friday: Just weekly planning today and then running some errands, and then pageant again with the Shallenbergers. I'm pretty sure the people at pageant know me as Sister Crybaby. No shame.
Saturday: We got to go to the temple today. :) I missed it so much! It was so fun too though, cause some other Sisters had come for Pageant, so I got to see Sister Muirbrook! She is so darling, and I really missed her. We worked pageant tonight and I swear it was like a mission reunion. So many of our missionaries were there from around the mission! It was so fun, and of course I forget my camera. :(
Sunday: Right after church today, we got to watch a cute 8 year old from our ward be baptized and it was really touching. I love the Spirit! We got to see "Our Story Goes On" again tonight with the Shallenbergers, and it was just as amazing as the first time! I even got to sit right next to the Newell family, from the ward I lived in in Alpine! So cool. :)
Well... it was a good week, but exhausting. We weren't in bed till about 11:30 almost every night, and that has really taken a lot out of me, but I seriously would not trade any of this for the world.
I love being a missionary. I love being HIS missionary. This is an experience I will cherish for an eternity.
I love you all and I pray for you. I hope that you have a wonderful week, and that you take time to express your love for all those around you... especially your Savior Jesus Christ and your Heavenly Father. I LOVE YOU!!
-Sister Jensen
Sunset on the Missisloppy. :)

This is what happens when you are at pageant every night... Nauvoo-leprosy at its finest! :)

Trailer parks like to be special apparently...

My sweet cousin Allie came to Nauvoo and we got to talk for a little bit. :) She leaves for her mission to Ohio in a couple months, so it was fun to see her.