Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cuz I'm Happy!

I just have to apologize in advance for the shortness of this letter.... today is a crazy p-day, so I don't have a ton of time! I just have to give one shout out though to my cousin Chloe! She entered the MTC this week for her mission in Chili and I am so proud of her!! Chloe... good luck! I know that you will do amazing in Chili!
Okay so instead of my Monday-Sunday run down, I'm just gonna share with you some of the highlights from each day. :)
Monday: Elder... in stilettos. Epic.
Tuesday: Having members give you clothes is the best! Sis. R and I just had a big "shopping" night. Got some new skirts. :)
Wednesday: Today I got to see Sister Lloyd!! She went home in December. She came and spent a couple days with Sister Barker and I in Winterset before she went home. This was her second area, so she came back to visit some people and we got to go to a show with her and the Shallenbergers. So fun! She gave us so much advice about the area, and just to be obedient and go home with no regrets. I agree with her that missions go by way too fast!
Thursday: Today we had zone training, which is always fun! I got to see a a lot of new missionaries cause transfers were a couple weeks ago. We hung out with with the Raisors tonight. A picnic and smoke bombs. :) Nothin better.
Friday: HAPPY 4TH!!!! I hope you all had an amazing day! Our day was good... kind of just felt like a normal day. We had plans to see a lot of less actives in Carthage but they all fell through... so we ended up going to the Raisors  again to use their restroom and ended up staying a couple hours. Haha it was a good way to spend the holiday though. On our way home, we stopped at Montebellos and walked around to the rooms to sing patriotic songs to the residents. They loved it. :) That night, all cars had to be grounded at 6, so the Evans came and picked us up and we headed back to Carthage. Basically, I love this ward. About 14 families from the ward all met up at the park, and we had a barbecue and played softball (felt so good to play again) and then watched the fireworks. Honestly, I couldn't have asked for a better 4th. :)
Saturday: We got to do family history today and I saw so many miracles! It rained like CRAZY today! (Hence the flooding river.)
Sunday: Today was Sister Rasmussen's 20th birthday! And we also found a new investigator! Her name is Betty. :) I will keep you updated! We went to the Criders tonight and had an awesome dinner, and then played trouble and related it to the Gospel. So fun! :)
Sorry this is short, but that was my week! I will have to tell you all the crazy shenanigans going on this week, next time I email. Make you wait for it. :)
Because I'm a missionary... I follow up. I hope that each of you had the opportunity to share your testimony in sacrament yesterday. I did, and it was a wonderful experience. I have learned to love sharing my testimony since being on my mission.
I hope that you all have a wonderful week! Take time to notice the miracles! Love you all!
-Sister Jensen
It's safe to say that we are having a lot of corn.

Bro. Raisor asked us if we could use sparklers... well we prayed and you can clearly see what our answer was. It's cool.... obedience brings blessings. :)

No words.
Sister Lloyd!! So weird to see her, but so good! Basically she told me to enjoy all the time left on my mission, cause being home is the worst. Yay.
These are the kinds of cats you find around Carthage. So precious....or really scary!
This is Jens Peterson. We are buddies. 1. Because our name is basically the same. 2. Because we both do a rad frown.
Yea... that river isn't supposed to be there... who knew there was so much rain here!!!