Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Another One Bites The Dust....

Well. What a week. As I pondered in the middle of the week what I wanted to tell you about, I realized that this had been a pretty slow week. I was hoping that something exciting would happen so that I could write about it. Well, Heavenly Father is mindful of me, goodness gracious. I will tell you about the rest of my week first though. Patience is a virtue. :)
Monday: Kind of the best p-day ever. Because of all the success we had as a mission in 2013, President allowed the zones close to each other to have a p-day together. So our zone and the other Des Moines zone
all met up at the stake center and basically burned a couple thousand calories. Holy moly, I am still sore. Basketball, football, volleyball, you name it and we played it. My favorite game though was probably our zombie Nerf gun war. Basically you pick a bunch of people to be zombies and they try and run at the people with Nerf guns. If a zombie touches you before you can shoot them, you are now a zombie in the next round. To get the full effect of what I am saying, please refer to the pic below. That night, us and all the Elders had dinner at Bishops house. About half way through dinner, we all get a text saying that cars were grounded so we needed to get home ASAP.
Tuesday: Just a normal bingo Tuesday. We didn't do anything too exciting today. Just saw some investigators, and did some walking. Just your normal missionary thang. We did have dinner with the Penners though and for our lesson we decided to watch the "Reflections of Christ" DVD with them. Whew. The Spirit that was in their home was absolutely incredible. Boy, do I love being a missionary.
Wednesday: We decided to sneak in our weekly time today, so that was great! We also decided to visit a less active member who I actually have never met in my whole 5 months here, and she was actually home! It was a miracle! So we got to know her and just shared a scripture with her. She was very sweet!
Thursday: District meeting day. Woot woot. I just love my district! Soooooooo much! We just laugh... a lot. Haha nothing better. :) After the meeting, we were on our way to a lesson and received a text saying we were grounded for the day. Again. Yay. Haha this is getting old... So we just went home and organized. A lot. Is fantastic! (Insert nacho Libre voice here)
Friday: So we were just sittin in personal study, having a grand time, when all the sudden we hear the phone ring. When you look at the caller ID and see that it's your mission President, something is up. So we answer... "Sister Wolfgramm, you're goin to Brazil!" Um...o que?????? Holy moly. She's goin to Brazil. We may or may not have spent the next hour sobbing and eating chocolate. SHES GOIN TO BRAZIL!!!!!! We definitely were not expecting that. Another one bites the dust.... I say goodbye to my dear companion on February 10th at 5 am. Dah. I'm gonna cry again. Well, as you might have all guessed, most likely I will be spending another transfer here in good ole' Winterset, Ia, which will bring my grand total to 7 1/2 months. WOOP WOOP! I am pretty much okay with that, not gonna lie. :) I love this ward so much! Anyways yes, that is the BIG news for the week. She is goin to Brazil. Holy moly. Basically for the rest of the day, she went through all her stuff and made a list of things to send home and a list of things to buy before she leaves, and I just sat in the corner crying and eating chocolate. We totally have a healthy relationship. Haha That night, we met with the Jacksons and it was great. Quite the day.
Saturday: Well, since we were pretty much out of commission yesterday, we did weekly planning today. That took up quite a bit of time, so we ended up just going till dinner time. So, we eventually left and went to the Barbers for dinner with the Watsons. It was Aveys first birthday party so they invited us to come and join the festivities! Goodness gracious I love that family!
Sunday: What a day. Church today was amazing! I am pretty sure I say that every week, but today... woah. Chills. The whole time. The bishopric spoke in Sacrament, and what amazing men they are. Their talks were exactly what I needed to hear... One was about missionary work, the other about Father in Heaven, and Bishops was on the priesthood. It was such an amazing spirit as they testified of the things they know to be true. It was very powerful! Then the lessons in Sunday school and Relief Society were just incredible. I LOVE THIS WARD! Have I said that before? I don't know. But I love this ward. :) After church, we headed home and did all of our studies and then headed out for about an hour to see Karissa and talk about church. This girl is amazing! Her faith grows everyday and I can truly see that. She is wonderful. Well, this has been quite the week. We were thrown some curve balls this week, but hey, it's part of life. :) If you haven't guessed already, I am kind of on a priesthood kick right now... so this video is one of my favorites. The power of a worthy priesthood holder is beyond words. It truly effects generations.
I guess my invitation to you all this week, would be to think about or study the priesthood. It is something that is very unique to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It is truly a beautiful gift from our Father in Heaven. When was the last time you received a blessing? That is a question I have learned to ask myself quite frequently while on my mission. We all have access to a wonderful thing... do we utilize it like we should? I am grateful for all that my Heavenly Father has given to me. He has blessed me with a wonderful family, great friends, a companion who I love, the chance to serve a mission, and especially the knowledge of my Savior. I testify that He lives. That he loves each of you so very much. As His representative, I feel every day of His love for the people we meet, and I KNOW that that love extends to each of you individually. This is His true church on the earth today. Be grateful you are a part of it. I love you all very much! I pray you will have a wonderful week! God bless!
-Sister Jensen
"Is this Heaven? No, this is Iowa."
Zombie nerf gun war? Yes please.
 The AMAZING sunset outside our back door Friday night... I am blessed
beyond words.
She is leaving me and I'm not happy.
Sweet little Avey girl!
Sister Wolfgramm found some nylons she had never worn in her suitcase,
so of course, being the children that we are, we HAD to have a pic
like this. No shame.
Totally got our car stuck in the snow.  The Elders showed up and had to push us out. Hahaha so

So this is what happens when you get a hole in your skirt and you got
a "C" in sewing class... hmmm. My mom will be so proud!