Thursday, February 6, 2014

Holy Moly :)

What a week!! Now that Sister Wolfgramm knows she is going to Brazil in a week, and I know I am getting a new companion in a week... time is pretty much flyin! So, this week was kind of a blur, but we did have some highlights. :) -
Monday: We decided to do some "missionary" shopping today so we headed to our nearest Goodwill. :) Haha after that we did some shopping at Walmart and then headed home. That night, a member had invited us to teach their family a FHE lesson. That was so fun! Of course, we did it on missionary work. My favorite. :) Pretty low-key p-day.
Tuesday: Today we had interviews with President Jensen pretty much all day! I love him and Sister Jensen so much!  They are just so cute. :) After interviews, our entire district had lunch together. Then we headed to the church and did our studies, and then to the Trimbles for dinner. Kassi, who is 16, had to teach a lesson for seminary. Oh boy. It is nice being taught and not teaching every once in a while. Haha kidding kidding... :) It was a fun day!
Wednesday: Exchanges! Wooo! Hermana Howell came to Winterset with me and we definitely saw some miracles!! Since it was Wednesday though, of course we had to go do some crafts first. :) After crafts, we
decided to check up on some formers and the one we decided to see was actually home! SO we met her and set up a time to go this week. After that we were looking through the formers list, and I received inspiration to go and see this referral we have been trying to contact. What a lesson! She is so prepared!!!! We talked about the Book of Mormon and the restoration of the Gospel. So powerful! We are going to go back this week with the member who referred her and extend a baptismal invite! :) After that, we went and saw a less active 13 year old girl and we just read the Book of Mormon with her. I love doing that. :) There is so much power in the Book and it is amazing to see when these people catch just a glimpse of that! After that we drove to Earlham to see a less active and we were able to watch "Reflections of Christ" with her, and it was very powerful! HOLY MOLY I LOVE THE SPIRIT!!!!!!!
Thursday: That morning, Hermana Howell and I did studies together and then we met up with the other Hermanas and Sister Wolfgramm at the stake center to discuss the exchanges. Miracles happen on exchanges people!! We left there eventually and headed to the mall to eat lunch with our district before district meeting. District meeting was awesome as always! :) Afterwards, we came back to Winterset and did some time.That night was probably one of the weirdest best nights of my mission... haha  So the Saxtons are in my ward here in Raccoon River and a couple weeks ago I sent a picture home with them
in it from Christmas. Well, we found out that they are very good friends with my Nana and Pops from Utah! Brother Saxton used to work with my Pops before he retired! Haha so crazy! So we were at their house eating dinner, and he comes running up the stairs just laughing. He had a video... so we put it in and watched it. It was a video he had put together of my Pops for his retirement party! So crazy! It was a bunch of pics of him, and even a video of him selling, and pics of our family. I was even in it... haha it got to the pic and I
pointed myself out and the Saxtons about freaked! LOVE MY POPS! Haha so that was my crazy Thursday night. So great. :)
Friday: Miracle. Day. It was the last day of the month so we had tons of extra miles so we got to do tons of driving to see people we normally can't. Of course none of them were home.. We enjoyed the scenery though. :) When we had visited most of them, we headed into Winterset to see sweet Beverly Clark! We decided to do some service for her so we painted her nails and read her the story of Jesus blessing the children in 3 Nephi. Haha are we girls or what?? :) She was grateful though. Then, we had a lesson with the Greens! Walked in with 3 investigators and walked out with 5 investigators and 5 baptismal dates set. Um... what just happened. Haha Holy Moly it was so crazy!!! I have loved the "Come Unto Christ" youth video since the moment I saw it, but I think I love it even more now. We shared it in the lesson and the Spirit that came was indescribable. Wow. I love being a missionary! If you could all keep Karma, Ambey, Shadae, Keno, and Larry in your prayers I would really appreciate it!
Saturday: We decided to do weekly planning today so that we could use our miles yesterday. So we were inside most the day, and left around 4:30 to get to our dinner appt. So we get about 1/2 mile down the hill, and I realize that the car just doesn't feel right. So I pull over and get out... tire=flat. COMPLETELY FLAT! Uh... anybody know how to change a tire?? haha So we called our Mission vehicle coordinator and he told us that we needed to go home immediately and park it until we could get it fixed... on Monday. Since we were on a hill, we decided it would be best to back up the hill so as to save the front tire... haha can I just say backing up a hill for 1/2 is pretty dang scary. Woah. But, we made it alive. :) So after that, we were pretty much home bound for the rest of the night.
Sunday: Brother Price was so sweet and went out with us Sunday morning to teach us how to put a spare on. We didn't want to drive on it too much cause it was just a donut, so we decided to hitch a ride to church with the Prices! Testimony meeting was fantastic! Every thing that was shared touched me and was exactly what I needed to hear. During the 3rd hour, they needed extra teachers for primary so we got to teach the 7-8 year olds. Haha so fun! Kids just love the missionaries! :) After church, we still couldn't go anywhere so we just spent the night at home doing all the stuff we needed too. It was great! Well, as you can see it was another great week here in Winterset! Since this video had a big impact on the week we had, I am going to
invite you to watch it again:
I have found that every time I watch it, something new sticks out. The power of revelation is so real! Coming unto Christ is something we can do every day. He is always there, we just need to go to him. Well, I hope you all have a great week, and I pray that you may take the time to seek those out who need your help. Who need your service and your love. I love you all and I am grateful for each of you! God bless!
-Sister Jensen
"Is this Heaven? No, it's Iowa."
You know you are true companions when you realize you are matching
half way through the day... and you didn't even try

Our AMAZING Sister Training Leaders! L to R: Hermana Howell, Sister
Wolfgramm, Hermana Phelps, me, Hermana Stroud
Just one of those weeks...
We got to visit the mission office! SO COOL! :)

What happens when you are home-bound 2 nights in a row.
When you find a tree with a giant hole in it, of course you have to
stop the car, get out, and take a gazillion pics. :)
You know it is a good day when you go to dinner at the Relief Society
President's house and you end up watching a DVD about your Grandpa....
which you are in. SO GREAT!