Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year...New Companion!

Happy 2014!!!!!!! Wow. It is 2014. This is weird. Where the heck did 2013 go?!? I don't even know, but I am so excited for this new year. I know that this will be one hard year, but also one of the greatest. This last week was just a glimpse I feel of what my 2014 will look like. It was absolutely stressful. It also was probably the greatest week on my mission so far. I am so blessed! Here we go...
Monday: Since transfers were this week, Monday wasn't our p-day so we just did the regular missionary thing. Ya know... just tried to put a baptism together. We literally did that the entire day! I would have never guessed that so many small details go into a baptism, but boy do they. We were calling people all day and making sure everything was good to go for Tuesday. We also were on ice the whole day because today was the day we were going to get transfer calls... we both kind of new what was going to happen. Sister Barker was going to leave. I mean, she had been here 7.5 months. That's a long time! So we waited... 1 pm... 4pm... 8pm... no call. Usually when you are being transferred, the Assistants will call you in the morning, so we basically took that as she was staying! Then 9:11pm rolls around... It is so crazy how a 2 minute phone call can shake your entire world. "Sister Jensen you are staying, Sister Barker you are leaving." Literally pure shock. We had decided we were spending the next 6 weeks together, so we just sat there and cried. Then we pulled ourselves together and decided to make the next two days the best days.
Tuesday: Miracle day. Karissa looked beautiful in her white dress. She was so pure and so ready. She got to the church and was just glowing. Boy, do I love that girl! I know without a doubt that I was sent to Iowa and to Winterset specifically to find her and help her. What a great feeling! The ward was there to support her, and I know she felt so loved! Her less active grandma, nonmember grandpa, and her nonmember mom were able to come and that was a blessing. They were touched immensely. The spirit is the greatest!! What a way to end the year. Seriously, I am so blessed. That night because it was new years, our cars were grounded so we just went home after the baptism and had dinner with the Prices and just laughed. They are amazing! Did I already say I am blessed? Cause I am! Holy moly!
Wednesday: P-day! It was fun, but also super hard. We were still grounded so we just spent the whole day inside packing and organizing. I love packing so it was kind of fun, but bittersweet. The girls didn't have school so we just hung out with them and played games and danced and sang. That night we went and walked to the Allens so that Sister Barker could say bye. Then we came home and cried a little bit more... then we sat on the couch and burned candles. Haha don't ask why. I never thought it would be so hard to get a new companion. It literally is like being ripped away from your family again. Sister Barker and I were together almost 24/7 for 4.5 months. That is a long time! We became so close. She is truly my sister. She taught me a lot about the work and also about myself. I could not have asked for a more amazing trainer and friend.
Thursday: Transfers. Bittersweet! It is so fun because you get to see so many people, but at the same time so nerve racking because you know big changes are about to happen. Transfers was amazing though! The spirit that is there is incredible, and it is amazing to just be surrounded by all these people who have chosen to serve as well. So we had some talks and then President read our transfer doctrine. My heart literally was pounding out of my chest the whole time. Then he read Winterset... "Sister Jensen, your new companion will be Sister Wolfgramm." In the IDMM, when you get a new comp you run to each other and give the biggest bear hug ever. We do it cause we are cool. Anyways, Yay! Sister Wolfgramm! We were both kind of in shock and President kept reading the doctrine so we sat down. Afterwards, Sister Wolfgramm said by to her companion and I said bye to Sister Barker (which was freakin hard...) and we headed for home! Can I just say that Sister Wolfgramm is amazing! Haha day one we were just laughing, having fun like we had been friends for years. So a little background on my new companion:
She is 20 years old
She is from Georgia
She did 2 years at BYU before she came out
She has been out almost 9 months
She has 4 younger brothers
She is 1/8 Polynesian (heck yes!)
How cool does she sound right now? Pretty freakin cool! We seriously are so close. It is kinda weird... haha no. Not really. We just have a ton in common! We get along so well and we teach very well together which is great! That night, we stopped at the Jacksons so she could meet them and then headed home so she could unpack.
Friday: Weekly planning! This was kind of weird... haha it is amazing how different everyone is trained! That is one hard thing about a new companion... all the differences in how you do things. Luckily though, we are both open minded to trying new things and it has worked out really well! We have both contributed ideas and found something that works for both of us! We pretty much spent all day inside just talking about the area... and eating... and laughing. Haha but mostly talking about the area. :)
Saturday: DISTRICT MEETING! I am pretty sure I have never laughed so hard in my life. Haha so every district meeting right after transfers, we always play a get to know you game. We decided to play the sock game! So every one writes down 5 fun facts about them and the district leader reads them and you have to throw the sock at whoever you think it is. Hahaha seriously, funnest district meeting ever! By the end of it, most of us were on the floor in pain cause we were laughing so hard. My district is awesome! So we have 3 new Elders (Elder Horn, Elder Hollan, and Elder Dragon) and then Sister Wolfgramm. I am slightly obsessed with my district. We all click so well and we just get along! We all love to laugh which is great so it was just fun! After district meeting, we went into Winterset for dinner with the Tunneys! They are seriously awesome. They are so laid back and just fun! We ate dinner on the floor... it doesn't get any better than that! We also watched them wrestle and play football in the house. Haha I am not complainin! I just love them! After dinner, we visit the Penners so that Sister Wolfgramm could meet them. The Penners are my peeps. Enough said.
Sunday: So weird! Since it is a new year, our ward changed to 11 o'clock church. That was crazy! So nice though. :) Church was awesome! Many of the ward members got up to bear their testimonies and they always just touch me so deeply. It was fun to introduce Sister Wolfgramm to everyone! Karissa also came and so they introduced her in sacrament meeting. The ward is so great! After church, our zone leaders sent out a text saying that for the rest of the day and for the next couple days, we were grounded because it is suppose to be a about -40 with windchill. So we got home and did our studies, and then just laughed and played games with the girls and danced. Haha it was a blast! Well, that was my week. Goodness gracious! It truly was though the greatest week on my mission. God is so good! I am so excited to be His missionary this year and to give my whole heart and soul to Him. I hope you all had a wonderful new years and that you made some good new years goals. :) Know that I pray for you all daily and that I am so grateful to have you all in my life! Have a great week!
-Sister Jensen
"Is this Heaven? No, it's Iowa."
My sister Justine sent me this picture with a piece of fake corn
rolled up in it. I laughed for days!
So... we decided to re-enact it. :)
Our miracle girl.

Last day with my momma...
My new compy comp Sister Wolfgramm!
Haha when you are grounded, you have to have some fun. Fun=Book of
  Mormon board game. :)
Haha day one we decided we needed a "thing." This is our apollo stance. :)