Tuesday, February 3, 2015

White Fluff and Golden People

The sun is shining... the trees are frozen... THE TREES ARE FROZEN!! (Thank you Nemo.) But yes. It has been a pretty darn eventful week here in Boone, IA and it was all topped off with a wicked blizzard. ITS DA BEST! Here are some of the highlights...
1. Sister Romero and I spent 2 hours on Monday trying to dunk a basketball. Time well spent I tell ya.
2. We were on the phone with our District Leader after planning and he asked us how our day was (it was a SUPER weird day), and for some reason I just broke into tears. Haha I think it was a mixture of a weird day plus going home soon... Either way he took it like a champ and then showed up to district meeting with a Heath bar to heal the hurt. Oh Elders... such champs. :)
3. GREATEST MIRACLE THIS WEEK!!! Okay. Does it shock you that this involves the Brittain family? THEY ARE SO AWESOME!!! We have been trying to schedule a plan of salvation church tour with them for like 3 weeks. But we also had invited some other people to come and coordinating schedules was a nightmare. Anyways... we finally did it this week. IT WAS AMAZING!! You literally could have cut the Spirit in half the whole way through the church tour. The end was the best though... we were all sitting in the chapel and just soaking in the pictures of Christ and the music playing. We then invited Devin, Jayden, and Savannah to be baptized on March 28. They were so excited. Then Matt spoke up... People. He wanted to move his date up 2 months so that he could be baptized with his kids. WE LOST IT! I don't think there was a dry eye in the room. March 28 will be a glorious day here in Boone, Iowa. :)
4. Kyle is also doing really well! We also had a church tour with him this week and it was the first time he has been to the building. He had such a great experience and just told us he felt safe there. SHAZAM! That is the Spirit. He even promised God he would come to church on Sunday. So great. :)
5. Okay. I will just fill you in on the weather a little bit... So It has been absolutely gorgeous for the last month. Like... in the 50s. Then February came. No joke.... FULL ON BLIZZARD Saturday night and then into Sunday. It didn't stop snowing till about 5 pm on Sunday night. Boone got about 9 inches. Do you want to know what that means? Yep. THEY CANCELLED CHURCH! Oh man... it was the pits. They pretty much did that through the whole mission though. It was crazy. We literally sat inside all day cause we were grounded. IT WAS THE WORST! You never know how much the sacrament affects you until you can't take it. Plus, that meant none of our investigators could come. Broke our hearts... no joke. But, since we were inside all day we did have the chance to try memorizing the baptismal interview questions for like 2 hours. SCORE! :)
Sorry this email is so short and weird and all over the place. I think I have officially lost my ability to think in complete sentences. Haha that is okay though.
I want to share with you one of my favorite mormon messages:
Okay. So yes.... I love this video because it has a cute baby in it, but that is not the only reason. As I get closer to returning home from my mission... my trust in the Lord is growing. On a mission, you feel like you have been on a mission forever and that you will be here for forever. You can't imagine yourself doing anything else than waking up and putting on that badge every morning. But, then reality hits and yo realize the Lord has a different plan for you. I am LEARNING how to trust that the Lord has things prepared for me to do when I get home. Things that only I can do. I don't have control of my mission ending soon just like the Lady in the video didn't have control of how the adoption went. Just like none of us have control over what happens each day. Or when our purse gets stolen (shout out to Sister Slater :)) But. What we do have control over is our Trust that the Lord has it. He would let us do this alone. So people. Just trust Him. It is truly as simple as that.
I love you all and pray that you have a wonderful week!
-Sister Jensen
"Is this Heaven? No, it's Iowa."
"I looked out the window and what did I see? 8 inches of snow staring back at me." No joke. Sunday morning surprise!
Typical Sister Jensen and Sister Romero in a blizzard pic.
Yep. Guess how long it took us to get our car scraped off and out of it's spot this morning? A really long time.

So worth the below freezing temps :)
More Miranda. :) We officially belong in a psych ward...