Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A New Chapter

OH. MY. GOODNESS. I'm pretty sure words cant describe the week that I have had...It has definitely been an unorthodox week seeing as how my companion was leaving the country... We spent a lot of time trying to get her ready, so we weren't able to do a ton. But, here is the low down:
Monday: It was Sister Wolfgramm's last p-day in the states so we decided to live it up a little. Haha kidding. We are missionaries. :) We just went to the church and played games with all the Elders. We even played basketball... in our skirts. Pros.
Tuesday: Well, another day inside. All the mission vehicles were grounded today and since we live 8 miles from Winterset we were stuck inside... all day. So Sister Wolfgramm packed and I read a couple hundred pages of Jesus the Christ. It was great. Haha having all these grounded days has really just made my love for the work grow. All I wanted to do on Tuesday was just go out and WORK! Heavenly Father had a different plan for us I guess. :)
Wednesday: The weather was still pretty bad today, so they told all the missionaries we could drive we just couldn't walk or go tracting. Basically if you had an appt. you could go, if not you stayed home. Luckily, we had one so we got to go out! Dang it was cold, but it was worth it. We decided we needed to stay out a little longer after our appt. so we did some time. :) Great day!
Thursday: Such a great district meeting!  I am glad I have had this district. I learned a lot from the Elders I have served with, and I know I was put in this district for a reason. AHHH! Gonna make me cry... seriously though. I just love my district. Anyways, after that we came into Winterset and we just went around to a couple peoples houses so that Sister Wolfgramm could say bye.
Friday: Kind of another day at home because I did weekly planning (by myself... so weird) and Sister Wolfgramm got some last minute things together. That night, the entire ward council and all the missionariesmet up at the Saxtons for dinner and also to discuss the ward. I love this ward so much! And I love the ward council! They are on fire! It is so nice to be able to work with them, and learn from them.
Saturday: Definitely a strange but marvelous day! Sister Wolfgramm's first investigator in her first area got baptized and we got permission from President Jensen to go! SO we drove the 3 hours to Iowa city, and stayed for about 5. The baptism was beautiful! It is always such and amazing experience watching a child of our Father in Heaven enter the waters of baptism. It just gives me chills. It was a beautiful day!
Sunday: Sunday was kind of an emotional day for me... and my companion. Our last day together... it is just different cause with Sister Barker, I know that I will eventually see her again at a transfer meeting or serve in the same zone or something, but with Sister Wolfgramm... she is going to BRAZIL. I won't see her for at least a year. It kind of makes my heart hurt... The opening song in Sacrament was "Come Come Ye Saints" and that is the song we always sang together, so 2 notes in Sister Wolfgramm looks at me and I am just sobbing. Haha it's fine... Whew. It was hard. But, it makes me very grateful for the 6 weeks we had together. I learned a lot form her and I know that she has changed my life. Since we were both pretty distressed, we asked Bishop Arzani if he would give us blessings. What beautiful blessings they were. It is always a wonderful thing to hear from your Heavenly Father through one of his worthy sons. After church, we headed to the Barber's for lunch with them and the Watsons. Well, technically it was a birthday party for Sister Wolfgramm and for the Watson's daughter. Oh yea... Sister Wolfgramm turned 21!!!! SO crazy! I always get the old companions. ;) Kidding. So that was fun to just hang out with them and relax for a little bit. Then we headed home! Sister Wolfgramm still had some wash to do so we were speedy! Since Sister Wolfgramm's plane left at 6 and the Assistants were picking her up at 4:40 in the morning, we decided to sleep in the Hermana's apartment with them so it would be easier. So we had to leave the Prices' around 9 to get there in time for lights out. So Sister Wolfgramm basically just threw all her stuff in her bags and said bye to the Prices' and we headed out. When we got to the apartment, of course we all sat and talked for like an hour about life. Haha Sister Wolfgramm was leaving and Hermana Stroud is going home on Friday so we had a lot to talk about. :) So, by that time it was like 11:30. Well, eventually we convinced the Hermanas to go to bed and Sister Wolfgramm and I stayed up to finish all her stuff. Lets just say we both got about an hour of sleep. :)
Today: So this morning we both got up around 4 to get her ready and the Assistants came and she was gone. I had served with this girl for 6 weeks and we had truly become so close. "Sister" definitely took on a whole new meaning... But, there is an upside. We can now email since she isn't in this mission any more. WOOOOO! :) So it was definitely a weird morning... and then when we all woke up we realized that the water pipes had frozen so we had to go to the gas station down the street to brush our teeth. That was new. :) Haha I think the craziest part of my week happened at about 8 this morning... transfer calls. Of course I knew I was staying in Winterset, but I definitely wasn't prepared for this one.... "Sister Jensen, you will be staying in Winterset and we would like to call you as a trainer." Um... what? I still feel like I need to be trained and now Heavenly Father wants me to train a new Sister??? GAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! After the phone call ended, I just prayed, and I knew that I was ready. I knew that Heavenly Father recognized all that I have learned in the last 6 months, and he knew that I could take on this calling. Thinking about it now, I feel honored. I am excited for this new journey and also the next probably 3 months in Winterset (9 months total. Holy moly.) It will be good though. I have always wanted to be a momma. :) This week during time, this video really stuck out to me. Since being on my mission, I have started to grasp my relationship with my Heavenly Father. This video is from a Fathers view, but I love it. Especially the end... He is so mighty and powerful and all knowing, yet he asks us to call him Father. That is very powerful and very significant.
This week has been a testimony builder for me of how much my Heavenly Father is aware of me, and how much he loves me. I have truly come to FEEL that I am his daughter. I am grateful for my mission so far, and
all that it has taught me, and I am grateful for the chance I have to share that with a new Sister. I am sorry this email is all over the place, but so is my brain. :) I pray that you may all have a wonderful week! God bless!
-Sister Jensen
"Is this Heaven? No, it's Iowa."
Oh ya know, just havin a party on a snow bank in the middle of the
road. Oh Winterset... :)

Ma district. L to R: Elder Jones, Elder Deering(ZL), Elder Kay, Elder
Dragon, Elder Horn(DL), Elder Sellers, Elder Aston, Elder Whiting,
Elder Hollan, Elder Dickson, the Sisters! :)

BEST PICTURES EVER! Haha...I love my district!

What to do when your General Authority talks binder is almost the same size as your head...
Sweetest glasses ever that my mom sent us!