Wednesday, January 21, 2015

FIRE! (In our hearts...and in a toaster)

It apparently takes really long for me to blink because I have only been on my mission 6 months, but I am officially in my last transfer. Hmmmmmm. Interesting, yes? I'll tell ya what though... it was a really great week to usher in the beginning of the end. AKA: this week rocked our socks off. :)
Monday: Well, it was transfer week, so today wasn't p-day. We were so incredibly busy though!! We did some service, training, more service, emailing, lesson with Pam, and then dinner and some Bible Videos to end it all off. :) I think both of us were ready for bed at about 9 cause we were so tired. A good day indeed.
Tuesday: We pretty much spent about 2 hours after studies trying to figure out the bed bug situation. The Lord is really trying to teach us some patience with this one... The rest of the day is pretty much a blur. We visited with some people and then we had a super fun RS activity that night. You can't go wrong with donuts, apple juice, and talking with your Sisters. :)
Wednesday: Today was officially p-day... and also my 17 MONTH CLICK DAY! With each click day that comes and go's, it just makes me reflect on who I was 9,14, and now 17 months ago. It is really crazy actually. Makes me very grateful for all that my mission has taught me. Sister Romero and I spent about 15 min. reminiscing on what my day looked like 17 months ago... haha one of the craziest days of my life, I'll tell ya that. We ended up going to Ames to get some things and grabbing some lunch and then we came back to Boone and did some service at the library. We had an AWESOME lesson with our sweet little Tessa before coordination. We got to teach her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she loved it. At the end of the lesson though, she was getting pretty tired and didn't want to pray. We were trying to talk to her and just figure out what was goin on. She said she was just too tired to pray and didn't know what to say. So we told her that we would all say a prayer and each say one thing we are grateful for and then asked her if she would pray after us. She said yes. So I said a prayer, then Sister Romero, then Alison, and then Tessa said one of the sweetest prayers I have ever heard her say. She just asked so simply for Father in Heaven to help her parents let her get baptized. Did I cry a little bit? You better believe it. So sweet! After coordination meeting, the Elders and us were in the library making some copies and things and I picked up the "Legacy" DVD and started reading it's description in Tongan off the back. Haha it was super weird! Elder Kinikini (who is Tongan) said he could understand about 85% of what I had read. SO.... SURPRISE!!! I CAN READ AND SPEAK TONGAN!!! Haha my dream is fulfilled. :) That night while we were planning, I see in the corner of my eye something on Sister Romero's bed. Wouldn't ya know it was one of our little bed bug "friends." So... the steaming officially didn't work. HAHAHA GHhHGSHGhghdfhdghdfhadghfdaFH!!! Man... we thought we were so close.
Thursday: We got to see a lot of people today! Some members and then Joshua and Pam. They are both doing great by the way. :) I think there is only one really crazy thing to report for the day... Sister Romero and I officially have mommy/daughter telepathy. We literally read each others minds ALL the time! (Flashback to Mama Barker? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!!!) We make the same expressions all the time, and use the same intonations all the time. It's just weird. So tonight while we were eating dinner, both of us literally sneezed at the exact same time with the same pitched sneeze. Our companionship is now official.
Friday: We got to do some major weekly planning for the week and for the transfer as well! That always just makes my OCD so happy. :) The rest of the day was literally insane! After planning, we went to the library for a couple hours cause I needed to work on some school and scholarship stuff. (BLAH!), and then for the next like 3 hours we had a house full of people in our apartment. WE OFFICIALLY HAVE NEW BEDS!!! Woot woot. They closed and area in the mission and so we got those beds. They are like new to us though! :) We are hoping that will help the problem, but we shall see. (As of now, neither of us have gotten new bites. :))
Saturday: We had our get to know you district meeting and we made sure it was a good one cause every one kept reminding me "it's your last one!" Haha I think my district is more trunky than I am. :) After the meeting, we got to visit with Sister Thomas. People. This lady is incredible. She is in her late 80's and is RAISING her 3 year old grandson. She has had him since he was about 2 months old. As cute as Kayden is... he is such a troublemaker. Man... he gives her a run for her money. So while we were there, we were sharing a scripture with her and then all the sudden she notices that Kayden has been gone and quiet for about 5 or 6 minutes. (Every mothers nightmare!!) She hurries and gets up and says, "I smell something burning!" Then she books it into the kitchen and we hear Kayden start yelling bloody murder. So we book it into the kitchen! This cute little 3 year old had stuck 2 forks and 2 toys into the toaster and set it on fire. No joke. Hahaha Sister Romero and I were freakin out! What else do you do though when you see flames to the ceiling? So we hurried and put the fire out and then I spent the next 10 minutes trying to get the forks and toys out... but to no avail. That toaster was officially dead. Haha I think that was literally one of the scariest moments of my mission! So... theres that for ya. That night we got to have a lesson with our new investigator Kyle! He is so awesome. He has cerebral palsy and epilepsy and has been so humbled by that. We were able to take our recent convert Pam to the lesson and we seriously could not have taken someone more perfect. We all felt the spirit so strong, and it was just so edifying.
Sunday: PROGRESS!!!!!!!!! Matt brought all FIVE of his children to church today and they were EIGHT minutes early!!! Haha Sister Romero and I about died! That family... woo. I love them way to much.... ha kidding. Not possible! After church we got to have some lunch with the Higgs which means that it was Thanksgiving in February. SO good! We were supposed to have a lesson with the Brittan's that night, but Matt called about an hour before and he had a fever so we had to reschedule for Tuesday. So we ended up staying home and doing studies and doing some phone finding. It was great.
So... there is our week! It really was great and I feel like I grew and learned a lot this week. There is a scripture that I have decided is my "last transfer" scripture:
 Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me,even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the living God, that I was,that I am, and that I am to come. (Doctrine and Covenants 68: 6)
What an amazing promise that is... I love that this is something the Lord is saying to ALL his missionaries. Not just the ones with a badge. He is saying it to each of you too. For me, this verse means so much and I am SO excited to share my testimony as a Representative of Christ for 6 more weeks. This has truly been one of the greatest blessings in my life. It will come to and end soon, but I will be prepared for it all because He is with me.
I love each of you so much and am so grateful for your example. Thank you for being amazing! Just remember that the Lord loves you and everything will be okay. :) Have a great week!
-Sister Kepilieli SeniSeni :)
"Is this Heaven? No, it's Iowa."
Pretty much wake up to this EVERY morning these days. :)

Well. It's just been a "Miranda Sings" kind of week. Our bed bugs wanted to participate.
It has seriously been like this all week! This time last year we were battlin negative degrees and blizzards. We ain't complainin. :)

These squirrels have visited my windowsill EVERY morning this week. Yes... we leave them treats every morning. Yes. They have names now.