Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Below Zero Miracles

Well. The title of this post explains it all. Yes. The weather... pretty much below zero (windchill) all week. Yes. Miracles were comin out of our ears this week. What do those two things together make? ANOTHER FANTASTICAL WEEK HERE IN BOONE, IOWA!!!!! Let me explain...
Monday: Well. Most stressful p-days in the history of p-days. Haha we basically spent the WHOLE day trying to figure out our bed-bug situation. Okay okay and played some chair soccer in between... :) But really. We finally figured something out though... Two of the Elders in the Zone came and fogged our apartment. Yes. They literally set off fog bombs in our apartment. Did we have to hide our food in the oven to keep it from being contaminated? Ya better believe it. They started the foggers at about 9:30 and they take 2 hours, so we got to sleep at the STL's apartment in Ames. Total tender mercy. :) It was a fun night.
Tuesday: Well. Because Sister Higgs literally had EVERY ounce of clothing we owned (besides the ones on our back), that meant we had no skirts, bras, shirts, or coats. President Jensen was so kind and gave us permission to just use it as a stay inside day. Literally the worst thing ever. The windows in our apartment had to be open all day to let the fog out, so it was like 20 degrees in our apartment. No socks + no blankets=2 very cold Sister missionaries. We made it out alive though.
Wednesday: Well, it was kind of just a crazy day of running around. We taught a couple lessons and then partied like it was 2015. Oh wait.... awkward. All the missionaries in the IDMM were grounded at 6, so Sister Romero and I got to just sit at home in our jammies, drink sparkling cider, eat swedish fish, cookie dough, and oreos, and watch "The Testaments." Sitting makes us both pretty exhausted so we were asleep by like 10. Haha We are so lame...
Thursday: Wow. First day of 2015. SO CRAZY!!!! I can't believe how fast 2014 went.... I can't complain though. :) We got to do some service today and then had district meeting. Then we taught a couple lessons. It was a great way to ring in the new year!
Friday: So... the thing you have to know about Iowa is that if the Hawkeyes or the Cyclones are ever playing, NO ONE answers their doors. I love football, but not as a missionary. We did finding for like 2 hours, and no joke... not ONE person answered. But... we did make up some sweet songs/raps about finding. SUCCESS!!!! We also had dinner with the Johnson's tonight. Bro Johnson served his mission in France and Sister Johnson served hers in New Zealand. Are you kidding me? These are my kinda people. Bro. Johnson obviously picked up some cooking skills in France... people. They served us a four course french meal complete with fancy cheese, candles, and classical music. I felt so LEGIT!!!! And then their kids spoke french to us. What the heck.
Saturday: We literally spent 90% of the day in the car. This was a week full of sitting... we had a new trainers meeting in Iowa city so we got to drive there with some other Sisters. It was so much fun! Haha we probably got a little too crazy in the car... but hey. Its normal. The meeting was so good! And then the rest of the day was spent driving back to Boone. Woo.
Sunday: Okay. I don't have much time so I cant give ya the whole story... but I will give you the best parts:
1. Matt prayed this week about the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and got a FOR SURE answer that it was true.
2. From the beginning, he told us he wouldn't come to church cause he thinks it is boring and he always falls asleep.
HE CAME TO CHURCH TODAY AND BROUGHT 2 OF HIS CHILDREN WITH HIM!!! The ward also totally took him under their wings and they ended up staying all 3 hours. He walked in half way through the opening song and Sister Romero and I both burst into tears. This is HUGE!!!! How I told it doesn't even begin to scratch the surface on how important this step was. Just know that it was one of the coolest experiences of my mission thus far.
Wow. I think this might be the WORST email I have ever written. Haha when you get so far into your mission, your brain just stops working. So... as jumbled as this was, it made sense to me. :) I am just so grateful to be here. My wonderful mom in her email today kindly reminded me that I will be home in 53 days. Did it freak me out? Yes. But, it also reminded me that this time is so precious and that I need to work my absolute hardest these next couple of months. I'M STOKED!!!!
I am just so grateful for each of you. Seriously... thank you for your example and your love and especially your prayers. They truly mean everything to me. Remember that I love you and that your Savior and Father in Heaven love you! Have a great week!
-Sister Jensen
"Is this Heaven? No, it's Iowa."
My child has officially been introduced to "The Beehive" hair style...This one is for you Pops! :)
Iowa city craziness with Sister Olive and Sister Ramsey! :)
The Elders went a little crazy with the marker when they fogged our apartment....
We partied hard.
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! :):):):):)
Sister Romero got the BEST postcard ever this week!