Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Giving Thanks for Heavenly Father's Hand in EVERYTHING

This has been a crazy week here in Boone, IA but a very good one too. :) I don't even know what to share because there is just so much!
Tuesday: So I share this "I have weaknesses, and they got to me today" story because it was such a learning experience for me. So... Pam was suppose to have her baptismal interview today at 2, and the ZL's were coming down from Ames to do it. Well Pam is a late sleeper, and we had planned for Sister Higgs to pick her up at 1 so we could have a lesson at the church before her interview. Sister Higgs calls us at 1 and says that Pam is not answering the door and that she was going home and to let us know when Pam woke up. We tried calling Pam and she didn't answer so we decided to go to her house. People... I went a little crazy. Haha I started pounding on her door loud enough that she would hear it upstairs, and I walked below their window and started yelling her name. I freaked out because I knew that if she didn't have her interview today, she couldn't be baptized. My sweet companion literally hid behind a tree because she was so ashamed of me. That made me a little irritated and I let her know. Well, Pam wasn't waking up so we just decided to leave. On the way back to the church, I knew that I had handled the situation wrong so I went into a room when we got there, shut the door, got on my knees, and offered a prayer out loud to my Father in Heaven. What a tender experience. I asked for peace of mind, and immediately it came. I asked for humility to apologize to my companion, and immediately it came. I then received through the Spirit the lesson that God is in COMPLETE control of literally everything. For some reason he didn't want Pam to have her interview at 2. I had lost sight for a minute in the fact that God is in control and not me. What a lesson. PEOPLE! We don't need to freak out when things don't happen the way we planned. Stay calm and pray. Seriously though. And to top it all off, Pam had her interview at 4 and passed with flying colors. :)
Thursday: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!! We had such a good day. We had district meeting after studies which was super awesome, and then we did some tracting for a couple hours, and then headed to the Higgs. It was so much fun! Us and the Elders got stuck at the "kid table" so I got harassed a little bit, but hey. I felt right at home. ;) KIDDING FAMILY!! Today was also my official, "You have 3 months left" day. Weird. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Friday: I had a tender experience today. I received a package from my Mom and in this package she sent my mission call opening video. (Thanks Jon! :)) As I watched this video, I was overcome with emotion and how fast time has flown. Watching that, I felt like I opened my mission call MAYBE 3 months ago. But, that was almost 15 months ago. It was also just amazing to see how much the Lord has molded and refined me through my mission. Especially my testimony. Watching it helped me realize that I BELIEVED in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and know I KNOW it to be true. Missions are truly the greatest experience folks.
Saturday: Just a day full of visiting people! We also didn't have a dinner appt., so we had comp date night at the pizza place below our apartment. SCORE!
Sunday: Oh man. I think if there was a scripture to describe today it would be 1 Nephi 3:7. So... Pam was suppose to get baptized last year and her husband basically told her that if she did, he would divorce her. So, this time she had decided she was going to tell him AFTER she was baptized. The Ward, President, and us didn't feel very comfortable with that, but we also had to accept that she has her agency. Well, we talked about it in PEC today and decided that when we went and saw her tonight, that Bishop would come with us and we would all talk to her about it. So we got there, and Paul was in the dining room putting up Christmas deco and Bishop immediately went to him and started talking to him and we went to Pam. We hugged her and then the first thing she said was, 'Sister Jensen... I told Paul this morning." My heart literally sunk to my stomach. I didn't know what to expect... then she said, "He said he will support me 100%." OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 Nephi 3:7. We had prayed and fasted SO much that Paul's heart would be softened, and the Lord has showed great mercy on us. So... PAM IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON TUESDAY AT 6PM. It will be such a glorious day. She has waited so long for this and she will finally be baptized and confirmed and receive a remission of her sins. God is good people.
So, as you can tell it has been quite the week. A very wonderful week. That's not the end of the big news though.... Transfers are this week so we got transfer calls this morning. *Drum roll please....*
Sister Samford will be transferred and I will be staying in Boone.
Yep. That's right. The Lord has called me to train a new missionary for the last 2 transfers of my mission. I am really excited actually! Training is so hard, but it is such a refining process. I am so grateful that the Lord is placing His trust in me to train up a brand spankin' new Sister. I can't wait to meet her and share my love of Boone and missionary work with her. :)
Well. There is that for you all. I hope that each of you have a very wonderful week. Especially because it is now December. I know... it freaks me out too. I love each of you very much though! Thank you for being such great examples in my life!
-Sister Jensen
"Is this Heaven? No, it's Iowa." Reply Forward
Only in Iowa would people paint a cow and farmer on their shed.

Twas' a pretty darn cold day. My sweet companion was just loving her life. :)
Sometimes being lost is the coolest thing ever because you end up in places like this.

The district. :)
Left to Right: Me, Sis. Samford, Elder Woolley (ZL), Elder Lewis (ZL), Elder Coalwell (DL), Elder Baxter, Elder Ridenour, Elder Kinikini
Duuuuhhhhhh.... it was a must picture!

The Thanksgiving clan! The Elders, Tall Johnsons, and the Higgs. Brother Johnson likes to harass me sometimes. UNAPPROVED!!!!!
Gettin crazy on Thanksgiving with an INTENSE game of Rummi- kub. :)

Bellucies has such wise words to share...

Companions date night, say what?!?!