Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christ-mas Spirit Lives

WOW!!!!!!!!!! If you are baffled at the fact that it is almost Christmas, welcome to the boat. I am so shocked at how fast 2014 has flown by. We have experienced a lot of Christmas miracles this week. (This email is going to be a short email, because I don't have much time. :))
   - Jay: So we met with him in Monday and the lesson went amazing! He was so close to the spirit and was seriously on the edge of his seat the whole time. At the end of the lesson, we all knelt down and we invited him to pray. It was the first time that he had prayed in years and it was one of the sweetest prayers I have ever heard. Before he closed the prayer, he just paused for a minute and said, "Your timing is perfect. Thank you for sending the girls to me." Then he started to weep a little bit and closed his prayer. People. I AM SO SPOILED! Having the opportunity to be a part of these experiences with people is worth more than anything to me.
   - Matt: Haha this one was a fun experience. He and his family just moved to Boone from Ames. His wife is the only member of the family and less active. We went to their home expecting to share a Christmas message with them, and ended up talking about Matt's religious pursuit. When we invited him to be baptized, he definitely seemed a little apprehensive, but the spirit and humility on his part can fix that. :) He is definitely going to be a challenge, but with God nothing is impossible.
   - Tessa: So, she is actually Alison (our recent converts) little Sister! Alison has been bringing her to church and she is the sweetest  11 year old girl I have ever met in my life. She is so sensitive to the spirit and it was such a humbling experience to teach her about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It just reminded me so much of teaching my little Karissa in Winterset. :)
2. I am officially getting back into real life... I have been playing phone tag with UVU all week. WHAT?!?!? So weird...
3. One night while tracting, we were knocking this door and I looked to my left and saw this sweet icicle hanging from the roof. Of course I brake it off and lick it, and then I turn to Sister Romero and jokingly asked, "Hey, can I break this on your head?" Well, she said yes. Some people never grow up. Yes, I hit her on the head with it. Haha the next 10 minutes consisted of cry laughing on both parts.
4.We had zone training meeting this week and it was awesome!! Sister Barney and I are the next ones to go home in the zone and for some reason that was the talk of the meeting. Haha it was still good though!! :)
5. This has been a really special finding MONTH for us here in the mission field. I am sure many of you have heard of it, but the Church has released the "He is the Gift" initiative and that has been such a blessing to use this month. Here is the website with the video:
Okay. I just need to talk about Christmas for a second.... I love this season. Why? Because it is the Season of Christ. People are nicer. More generous. And just happy. Being a missionary at Christmas time is LITERALLY the best thing in the world. Here are some of my favorite Christmas things to cheer up all you Scrooges... :)
WATCH THEM ALL!!! Seriously though. And grab LOTS of tissues.
Wow. I just want to leave each of you with my testimony of the Savior. I don't even know where to begin even... Jesus Christ lives. He is my Savior and your Savior. He is our Father om Heavens only begotten son. How grateful I am for the scriptures that teach me of him and teach me how to become LIKE Him. I have learned much on my mission, but nothing compares to what I have learned about my Savior. Man... HE LOVES US SO MUCH!!! Weaknesses and all. He is so aware of us and is so willing to help us. He knows exactly what we go through. He is Lord and Savior of not only this world, but all words created. If you don't have a SURE testimony that Jesus IS the Christ, then get on your knees and pray for one, and then get on your feet and share it.
I love each one of you and am so grateful for the example you are in my life. I pray that each of you may have a very wonderful Christmas. And just remember... "You only need drop the last syllable and it becomes the spirit of Christ." I love you all!
-Sister Jensen
"Is this Heaven? No, it's Iowa."
Sometimes ya just need a pampering night. :)
Being sick is the WORST!
MY BABY IS ONE MONTH OLD!!! My how time flies...
Nightly planning gets a little crazy sometimes...
So we got in the car and Sister Romero says, "Sister Jensen... I think you may have stepped in poo." Well, me being 0% flexible, try to get my foot over so she could see the bottom of my shoe. It all ended with dog poop on the steering wheel. My life story people.