Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mighty Miracles and Frozen Noses

HOLY GUACAMOLE. I think the title of this post explains our week in a nutshell. SO many amazing things have happened, all while it was below zero outside. :) Yep. Welcome to Iowa. :) Okay, so before I go any further I need to send a shoutout to one of my favorite nephews... My little (big) Zaine turned 3 on Sunday. SO WEIRD. I remember very vividly the first time I held my little guy. Tears of joy. Literally. I remember my Dad looking at me and saying, "Gabs, why are you crying so hard?" )(Haha its an Auntie thing Dad. :)) I loved my Zainers from the moment I first met him. He is seriously a beacon of light in my life. Everyone give him and extra squeeze for me! Okay... now on to the week...
Monday: It was a pretty regular p-day. We decided to do some work during the day when it was a little bit warmer so we could be inside when the cold night hit. Totally inspired because this less active that we have been trying to meet with for weeks finally let us in. Then we got to go see Joshua. He is just awesome. :) After we got home, he called us to check if we were still alive. Apparently right after we left, his grandma told him it was -20 degrees outside and all the weather channels were saying that someone would get frostbite in about 10 minutes of being exposed. Well, we walked home which was like 30 minutes away and both of us had all body parts. Tender Mercy of the Lord? You better believe it.
Tuesday: Oh my goodness it was just a crazy day! Haha lots of people to visit and so little time. I felt like we were literally running all day. Those days are fun though. :) The best part of the day though was after dinner with the Higgs.... WE FINALLY GOT TO MEET ALISON'S FAMILY. They hadn't been super open with meeting with us, but we figured that Alison was getting baptized the next day and we NEEDED to meet them. It went great! We were able to have just a big testimony meeting, and share with them a little bit of the message of the Restoration. They seemed actually pretty excited for the baptism. It was awesome! Alison is such a good missionary. :)
Wednesday: ALISON GOT BAPTIZED TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a miracle! She was literally beaming. The entire night. It was a really awesome baptism. Kind of crazy though... Haha Bishop Campbell called like 10 minutes before the baptism was supposed to start saying he was sick and couldn't make it. Uhhhhh.... no presiding authority=no baptism. So... we stalled for about 40 minutes until one of Bishops counselors got there. I have a few extra gray hairs from that experience. :) It really was amazing though. I feel very blessed that I was able to be apart of this with her. Her testimony is truly inspiring! Plus, her family was able to come and you better believe they were touched by the Spirit! I love this church. :) After the baptism, we had a ward potluck dinner and it was fun to just be able to all get together and celebrate. Great night!
Thursday: We got to have interviews with President and Sister Jensen today. I love those two!  You know you have been on your mission too long when President actually lets you have input for your own transfers... Haha weird.  In my interview with Sister Jensen, she started crying when I told her I go home in 3 months which then made me start crying so it was just a big cry fest. It's a good thing she gives her contact info to the missionaries when we leave! :) That night we had dinner with the Wards and it was so fun! They are so awesome. Hahaha in the middle of dinner, Sister Ward literally started screaming because they had a bat in their house.. For the next 20 minutes, Brother Ward tried to catch it with a shoe and a box. So hilarious. 
Friday: Tonight we got to have dinner with Sister Maughan (Bro. Maughan was working) and it was awesome! I love that lady! She is so funny, and she made us Cafe Rio. I mean... cmon. We had the coolest conversation though... at Stake Conference last week, Elder Schwitzer talked about how each one of us has movies, books, TV shows that we like where we say, "Well, there is that one part, but everything else is good and clean!" Yep. A certain media just popped into your head didn't it? Well... we talked about that with Sister Maughan. She talked about how her and Brother M came home and mentally went through all the TV shows and movies they liked and realized how many they needed to cut out because of that comment. WE CANNOT RATIONALIZE EVEN A LITTLE BIT OF SIN! I made me think of the verses in Luke 14:25-33. Look it up. Okay. Everyone hold on to your seats because I am going to share with you a humongous miracle. So... in my interview with President Jensen yesterday, he asked me about Pam and I told him she was doing good and had a date for December 20. Well... he basically told me we needed to move her date up. WOAH. So we saw her tonight with Sister Higgs and basically told her that when she is done smoking, she can be baptized exactly 2 weeks later. She said she would be done of Sunday. Well... when we got home that night we called President and updated him a little. Guys.... he approved Pam to keep the word of Wisdom for 11 days so she can be baptized the day before transfers. PAM IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON DECEMBER 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are still in shock a little. We called her after we got off the phone with President and told her if she would stop smoking right there and then that she could be baptized in 11 days. She didn't even hesitate... she immediately said, "Kay, I am done. I'm throwing my cigarettes away right now." That is pure faith right there people. Just pray that she passes her interview tomorrow! :)
Saturday: I got to chill with Sister Rogers all morning and watch basketball. No joke. Haha our zone and another zone got to help out at the Iowa Games and so from 7-1, we got to watch and score a bunch of basketball games. Talk about being spoiled. Both Sister Rogers and I were pretty sports trunky... haha. It was way fun though! Plus, I got a free t-shirt. WOO! We saw Pam later that day and Joshua again. It was a good day. :)
Sunday: Pretty awesome Sunday. I MISSED THE SACRAMENT SO MUCH! There was totally a difference in me this week because I didn't take the sacrament last week due to stake conference. People. The Sacrament seriously works. If you don't believe me, just go read the 700 talks about it from the last General Conference.
I am just so happy. With Thanksgiving being this week... I have so much to be grateful for. The Gospel, the Godhead, my family, my little black badge, the scriptures, all my mission companions, my testimony, our investigators and recent converts.... I literally could go on forever but I will spare you the hurt eyes. Being grateful is a commandment, and one I am grateful for. :) Please take some time this week to give a prayer of thanks to your Father in Heaven and those around you. I love you all very much and I pray that you may have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!
-Sister Jensen
"Is this Heaven? No, it's Iowa."
SUCH a great day. :)

Alison and Tyler. :) (And Elder Kinikini being Elder Kinikini in the background.)

Just being the best basketball scorers you have ever met.