Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Bit of Home Is Good For the Soul

Holy Moly what a week! It was honestly just one wonder after another...
Monday: Having non-Monday P-days is always weird... we still emailed and then headed to the Criders to help them clean. We got there and there was beautiful skies and then about 20 minutes later we hear one burst of thunder and the rains came down, and the floods came up. Seriously... so cool. That night we had dinner in Carthage with the Raisors, the Saunders, and the Peels. What up birthday party!!!  We played "Who's got the button?" So fun. :)
Tuesday: I received a miracle today that was better than anything I could have imagined... a little back story here. We are NEVER in Carthage on Tuesdays. Literally never. So for us to be in Carthage today was a complete miracle and act of God. SO we are just drivin around to go finding and we drive past the jail and we see a charter bus... My first thought was, "Hmmmm.... A charter bus. There is no way that is Heritage Tours." We decided to check it out. We get out of the car and I walk up to one of the men and ask him where they are all from. He says Utah County. Hmmm... I ask him if they are on a church history tour called Heritage Tours. "Well, yea we are. How do you know about that?" AHAHHSJKGSAFHGYLSAGBEVHSGHUILHGIFGYIYGRUIBAFHVGASYLGHVU:BEHFBVGUIEW:GHAFUIWE:H! I about lost my mind... I asked him if Brother Eliason had done the tour again this year and he said, "Yea... he is standing over there." So of course I started walking towards him... Haha it took him about two seconds to recognize me and about 1 second to burst into tears at which point I started crying. Such a tender moment for me. For those of you who don't know... I went on Heritage Tours 2 years ago and it completely changed my life. So to be able to see them and especially Bro. Eliason was one of the biggest tender mercies of my mission. I was literally on cloud 9 the rest of the day. Ahhh.
Wednesday: P-day. Woo woot! We got the chance to go to the Temple as a district and that was just an amazing opportunity! I absolutely love my district so to be able to be in the Temple with them was such a tender mercy. After that we did our normal volleyball and basketball then headed to the church for institute and on our way home we saw Heritage Tours again singing the Commitment song in front of the Temple! I wanted to jump out of the car and sing with them... No worries though... I composed myself. :)
Thursday: We did a lot of service today and we also got stuck in another GIANT storm. We had to walk about a mile in flash floods. It was great! :) Oh, and the Warners took us to dinner. I love them.
Friday: We had district meeting today and it was so fun! We played the sock game to get to know everyone. Have I said that I love my district? Cause I do. :) Probably one of the grossest/best moments of my mission happened after the meeting. It was just us and the ZL in the hallway and I saw a GIANT black cricket that literally looked like a beetle. Haha I turned to Elder Bankhead and told him I would give him $15 if he ate it. 10 minutes later he was $15 bucks richer. Haha I will show you all the video in 8 months. :) After that we did some cherry pickin and then headed to the Shallenbergers. They need all the prayers they can get! They have been taught by missionaries for about 3 years now, and they haven't had a baptismal date for about 2.5 of those. Well... we extended them a date of Aug 2. Please please please pray for them!
Saturday: We did some family history in the morning and then had an awesome church tour with April! She absolutely loved the feeling in the church. Shocker! We also taught her the Plan of Salvation in the chapel and it was a really cool experience for all of us.
Sunday: April finally came to church!!!!!! The choir sang in sacrament and she even came up with us to sing. Haha she is flippin sweet! There was another crazy storm today so we got soaked after church, but we headed to the Smiths for dinner! Their son came home from his mission last week and him and Brayan are good friends now so they invited him over to.  Halfway through our lesson the power went out cause of the storm so we got to study by candle light. :) On our way home we stopped by the Petersons because their daughter got home from her mission in Taiwan yesterday. She is amazing!!! She is literally our best friend already and she is so excited to help us. I LOVE RETURNED MISSIONARIES!!!!!
Sorry this email is crazy... my mind is always so jumbled. (That's called missionary brain!) It really was just a great week though!
I wanted to include a video this week that is from one of my absolute favorite talks ever!
I encourage all of you to watch this video and to read the actual talk!
I have a very firm testimony in the Lords timing and in his mercy. He knows us perfectly and He knows what we need. Trust him and the blessing WILL come... in his timing.
I love you all and pray that you have a great week!
-Sister Jensen
Brother Eliason. :) We went to take the picture and he started to put his arm around me... haha I think he remembered he couldn't do that when I cringed a little... he said, "Well... if I can't hug ya I'll just stand as close as I can to ya." I LOVE HIM!!!

Temple with the District. :) L to R: Sister Barker, Sister Pratt, me, Sister Rasmussen, Sister Warner, Elder Warner, Elder Wardell, Elder Jones (DL)

Some Cherry Pickin with the Evans! :)

After our mile in the storm. :)
Giant storm took down a GIANT tree down the street from us!