Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hi Ho Hi Ho...It's Off To Work We Go

This has been quite an incredible week. Holy guacamole. I am absolutely exhausted! I honestly have never worked so hard in my life! The amount of work we do in one day here in Hamilton, is equal to the amount of work we did in 3 in Winterset. So much to do!!! I absolutely love this area though. I am really being pushed and it is such a blessing. Because I am spoiled getting to serve in Nauvoo, there has to be some kind of growth somewhere. On word: Antis. Oh my heavens... they are everywhere. It keeps things interesting though. :) I have to give a quick shout out here to my older brother Taylor. He is 21 today. He is OLD! Kidding, kidding. Happy birthday Tay! I love you! :)
Monday: P-days here are crazy! It is go go go. We do our studies at a members house while we do our laundry, and then email, and then Walmart, and then head to Keokuk to play Volleyball with our district. I thought p-days were suppose to be relaxing... hmmm... Luckily, I don't mind it though. That night, we had met with the Criders. They are awesome! They fed us soup and we showed them "Reflections of Christ." Good trade. :) Then we headed to Carthage to to help a member clean cause she just had jaw surgery. Super fun! I am going to be a pro cleaner by the time I come home. :)
Tuesday: On Tuesdays, we do service at City Hall. I love doing secretary work! Basically, in this area you  do a lot of service cause that is how we help soften the hearts of the people who may not have the best opinion of the church. So after city hall, we head to the senior home and we get to paint nails for an hour. Those ladies are adorable! Reminds me of my Winterset girls. :) That night we had an awesome lesson with Brayan, our recent convert. He was baptized the weekend before I got here and he is stellar. He is so prepared and has such a great testimony. Plus, we got to teach him about the priesthood. My favorite. :)
Wednesday: What day is it? HUMP DAY!!! What the heck. Um. Blah.  Months have just flown by. Honestly, I cannot believe I am halfway done with my mission. It freaks me out.:)  Every Wednesday, we get to go to the family history search center for a couple hours and work on that. This is so when the summer starts, and all the people start coming, we will know how to help them with family history. ATTENTION ALL FAMILY: I will be doing a lot of family history, so make sure you are checking for names you can take to the Temple. And also, any info you can give me to help me find people and enter them in is very appreciated. :) After that, we headed to Carthage and did some service at the hospital there. Do ya see what I mean about service? LOVE IT!!! That night we decided to celebrate since it was both of our hump days. The only obvious choice? Eat Mexican food and go to institute. Yep... good night. :)
Thursday: Today, during our lunch break we decided to do something fun. Tour at Carthage Jail= check. Guys... I am spoiled. Being there brought back so many wonderful memories of heritage tours. After that we visited some less actives and had a lesson with one of our investigators Ray. He is awesome! He is 22, but has the mental capacity of a 3 year old. He is a fun one to teach. :) That night we just went and around so I could meet some more people. Good night.
Friday: Today we woke up at 5 am cause we got invited to early morning seminary. Love it! :) Then, we had zone training in Nauvoo! It was so fun to see and meet all the missionaries in my zone. There were a lot! Our zone is actually the biggest in the mission, so it was a great meeting! After the meeting, all 28 of us headed to a little restaurant and the sweetest thing happened. A cute couple visiting Nauvoo payed for all 28 of us. Guys... this restaurant wasn't cheap, and they payed for it all. They are going to be so blessed!! Oh and fun fact: Nana and Pops- Haley Newell was at the restaurant and she was walking out as we were all walking in. It was so fun to see her!! After that we did family history finding. We are not aloud to proselyte in Nauvoo or talk about the church, but we can pass out family history cards. Then we had dinner with the Bishops wife and headed home!
Saturday: Saturday was a crazy day! Literally just running around all day. We saw a lot of our investigators and had some AMAZING lessons with them.
Sunday: Something was in the air at church, cause people were fallin asleep left and right! Hahaha literally everywhere we looked, people had the whole "head nod back and forth" thing goin. It was HILARIOUS! :) After church we had a couple meeting, and then we stopped by the senior couple's house to drop off a paper. Yea... 2 hours later. Haha they ended up feeding us and just laughing the whole night... I think Heavenly Father understands. :)
As you can tell, my week was jam packed! We had a lot of people to see, and a lot of things to do. I have already grown a lot though in my 1 week here. I have never had my testimony shut down and tried as much as I have this last week. Heavenly Father loves me so much though, that every time I get an anti comment, my testimony just grows stronger. HEAVENS TO BETSY I LOVE THE GOSPEL!!!!!
So Sister Rasmussen and I have been reading a book together this week called, "Believing Christ." It is an amazing book! I can't remember who it is by, but if you look it up it should come up. It is the story of the Bicycle. My mom in her email to me this week, included a video that fits PERFECTLY with what we are reading about: the Atonement. I absolutely love this video.
I have a firm testimony that through the atonement of Jesus Christ, un-celestial beings can be made celestial. If the world was full of perfect people, we wouldn't need a Savior. But boy, do I need him! We are imperfect, but because of Him, we can become perfect.
I pray that each of you will have a great week full of tender mercies. I love you all!
-Sister Jensen
*Still don't have anything on Illinois. But, I'm workin on it. :)
My view coming out of church every Sunday. Just be prepared for a lot of Nauvoo Temple pictures as long as I am serving here. :)
Pretty much pro cooks here :)
The local Hamilton Mexican restaurant knows whats up!!! Kingdoms of glory, say what? :)