Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Temple Trip and a Geneology Miracle

So... remember that one time that the entire month of May flew by? Yea. Me too. HOLY SMOKEYS! I basically blinked, and this week was gone. It was a full week though!
Monday: Definitely a weird p-day... We usually play volleyball with our district, but for some reason it got cancelled today. So we ended up "shopping" at Walmart. We are so classy. :) We also had to go to a meeting for this place we do service at.
Tuesday: Today during service at the elderly home, they had a big photo booth so of course Sister Rasmussen and I got about 500 pictures with the lil old ladies and each other. Good memories. :) Then we had dinner with the Grows. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard... haha. Their son was looking up phobias online and came across triscadeckaphobia. We decided that it is a fear of eating triscuits on the deck. :) Haha so great! Then that night, we went with our investigators the Shallenburgers to a lecture on Joseph F. Smith at the church building. It was awesome!
Wednesday: Today was one of the best days of my mission. Hands down. It all started with a family history miracle... I went in wanting to find a woman in my family line who only needed her endowment done. Elder Christenson (Him and his wife serve in the center), told me that that is almost impossible, because people usually need baptism and confirmation and not endowment. So we were looking at my family tree for about 30 minutes and doing so research... wouldn't ya know it. On my Dads side, I found a woman who had her baptism and confirmation done in 1999 and for some reason never had her endowment done. MIRACLE!!!! Elder Christensen literally could not believe his eyes. He almost started crying! He said in his 14 months of serving in the center, he has never seen that. Guys... the spirit of Elijah is amazing. Then what made it even better, was that I was able to walk across the street and take that family name to the Temple! I FINALLY WENT TO THE TEMPLE!!! God must have known that 9 months was way too long. I am obsessed with the Temple. Literally. I wanted to sit in the Celestial room all day. Obviously I couldn't... but I would have. It was such a beautiful experience. Especially being able to take my own family name. I have literally been on cloud 9 ever since. :)
Thursday: We got to go to Carthage early cause we had scheduled breakfast with a lady that we are working with. She is not technically an investigator... yet. :) After that we were able to take our investigator Mark on a tour of Carthage Jail. He loved it!! What a great resource. That night we met with the Hunts and they are just awesome! They have been members now for about 6 years, and they are so solid. Brother Hunt is a hoot!! It was a good night.
Friday: Such a crazy day! We got to sleep at the Warners (senior couple in Nauvoo) on Thursday night, cause we woke up at about 5 so we could get to Davenport for zone conference. So fun! I saw sooooo many missionaries that I have served with in the past, and it was fun to just catch up. We received some awesome trainings, and the spirit was so amazing! That really took up our entire day, so by the time we got back... it was time to go home.
Saturday: We were able to do a church tour today with our investigator Tracy and his wife Renee who is a less active. It was a really amazing church tour! We talked about baptism and eternal families, and it was really good. After that we headed to the Higleys and helped them pack and clean some things cause they are moving. I can now say I am a pro fridge cleaner. :) That night, we had dinner with a member in Carthage. She is the sweetest lady! Her name is Donna and she has been a member for about 3 years now.
Sunday: We had to do our weekly planning this morning, which was weird, but we are glad we had time. Church was strange! Basically half the ward was gone and we could not figure it out! Then it hit us... Memorial day! Holidays as a missionary aren't that fun... we like when people are home so we can sneak up on em. :) After church, we headed to dinner at the Saints. Then we did went around Nauvoo a little bit and passed out family history cards. Good night!
This week was crazy, but so good! With my family history miracle this week... I figured that an appropriate video would have to be about family history. :)
My testimony of family history has grown so much in my time here in Nauvoo. If a missionary who hasn't really used a computer in 9 months can do it, then you can do it! Let the Spirit of Elijah touch you, and I promise you it will. I love you all and hope that you have a wonderful week!!
-Sister Jensen
How many South Americans does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A Brazilian.
*Joke credited to Brother Hunt.
The original Raccoon River Ward missionaries.

Raccoon River reunion! :):) This is us in a picture.

You better believe we all sat and reminisced on the good 'ole Raccoon River days. :)
Zone Conference picture!
This is what happens on the 2 hour ride home from Zone Conference. :)
I flippin love the Senior couples in Nauvoo!!! We knock on their door to give them a flyer, and they send us home with flowers and brownies. SCORE!
This is what happens when you clean out a Sister missionary apartments vacuum. Nast. Wig anyone?
The Temple with ma companion. :) I am a little obsessed with Nauvoo