Wednesday, March 19, 2014

When You Believe!

THERE CAN BE MIRACLES, WHEN YOU BELIEVE!! (Sorry I just went a little "Prince of Egypt" on ya... had to do it.) Kay. Seriously though. What a week. Whew.
Monday: Kind of a crazy day! We had some fun plans for the night, so we decided to go out and work a little in the morning. We did some tracting and then went and stopped by to see Sister Penner. That lady. Goodness gracious I love her. Sister Cole had never been to her house before so of course she had to give us a tour, and then we just sat and talked for a little bit. She was able to tell us some things that she was struggling with in her scripture reading, and we were able to help her. Then it was p-day time. We just did the normal thing of email time, games at the church, and then groceries. Great p-day! That night, we hung out  with the Allens! The Prices non-member neighbors. Haha I love them. We ate dinner and then just sat and played games. They are so chill. :)
Tuesday: We did a lot of finding today! I am pretty sure though that the potentials page in my planner filled up, so that was great. :) Heavenly Father is putting a lot of people in our path. We also had the opportunity to go and see the Green family and share with them "Reflections of Christ." Dang, I love that movie!! It invited the spirit so strong and we were able to just bear our testimony of the realness of Jesus Christ. Great lesson! Oh and I can't forget... bingo was today. :)
Wednesday: Well the day started off pretty great with teaching Karma the word of wisdom. Being bold is the best. :) After that, we went to service again and got to get down and dirty... planting flowers. Inside. Haha my Grandmas would be so proud... :) When they start growing, I will have to send a picture. After that we went and visited this referral that we had gotten from a former investigator. Well, Lisa is now our newest investigator!! WOO HOO! She is soooo prepared! We invited her to be baptized and she could hardly contain her excitement. I am pretty sure we didn't even finish the sentence before she blurted out a yes. :) We are so excited and happy for her!
Thursday: Such a great day! We had the opportunity to do some Zone training today and it was just completely inspired. The Hermanas trained on how we can be focused on our purpose even after the excitedness wears off from the MTC (totally true), and then the Zone Leaders trained on having effective studies. Seriously those trainings were so INCREDIBLE!!! Have a I ever told you that I have like the best Zone ever? Haha We all went to lunch at the mall afterwards which is always just fun. We pretty much take up about half the food court. No shame. :) After that, we had a dinner appt. in Van Meter but they ended up cancelling on us so we just did some tracting for about 3 hours. I am just glad I wore my mountain boots. Mud for days!
Friday: Shocker shocker... we did weekly planning today! It was actually really good! Probably one of the most productive ones I have ever had. Must be cause we actually have people to plan for now. :) Haha kidding. We didn't have a dinner appt. that night so we decided to go a little crazy and drive to Earlham. MIRACLES!!! We had this former investigator that we were going to try and find so when we got into town we walked to the address it said on the paper. The lady who answered said that nobody by that name lived there. Old Sister Jensen would have been like, "Oh darn. Better luck next time." But trainer Sister Jensen was like, "Oh heck yeah. PRIME OPPORTUNITY." I pulled out the best card I could think of... "Well, Ashley was interested in the message we have to share, would you be interested?" We now have an appt. with Kim on Thursday. Haha YES! The spirit is the best. :) It was a good day in Earlham. That night, the Prices left for a week cause it is spring break. Please excuse me while I sit in fetal position and cry. I am so spoiled... I am going to miss them a little too much.
Saturday: I think that it is pretty safe to say that I am spoiled AGAIN.  President McConkie of the Sunday School Presidency came to Des Moines yesterday to do a training for all the Sunday school, primary, and all the other teachers on the stake. All the missionaries were so sad cause we were not allowed to go. Well, we got a text on Thursday saying that President McConkie wanted to met with us before the actual meeting. They only had 3 zones out of the whole mission go and ours was one that was chosen. SUCH A GOOD TRAINING!!! That man is probably one of the most humble men I have ever met. He just smiled at you, and you instantly felt his love for you. What an experience! I encourage you all to go back and read his talk from this last conference. It is so inspired! So after that whole experience, we decided to all go to lunch so we headed to the mall... again. Well, traumatizing experience. On the way... I killed my first squirrel. I didn't have time to maneuver the car and I just squished him. Dead. Gono. That killed the spirit real quick. Then to make it all worse, Sister Cole told me it was probably a mom going to feed her little squirrellings. Tears for days. You better believe I prayed for the squirrels family.  We went to Winterset and had another lesson with Lisa. It was so gooood!!! We invited her to be baptized on May 10, which I am so excited for! Chances are I will probably be gone by then, but hey. Is cool. Still a great lesson! After that we went and checked up on another referral. Holy moly. What an experience. This lady basically just scared the crap out of us. Basically told us she has been risen from the dead, she has risen people from the dead, she saw the Devil, etc. Only in Iowa people... only in Iowa. Probably one of the scariest things of my life... it is crazy how lonely you feel when you don't have the spirit with you... It was just one of those experiences where you are SOOO grateful for the gospel in your life. We are so blessed!
Sunday: LISA CAME TO CHURCH!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!! She had such a great experience and the ward just embraced her so much. What a blessing it is to have a ward that is so aware and so involved. After church, the Barbers had invited us over so we went there and just had a great time. That family... so great. After that we had a little bit of time so we decided to go see the Erdman family! They were actually home. MIRACLE! We were able to talk to Tyler for a second and just kind of ask him what is going on. I miss that kid... One day though. One day he will get it.
Well, I think the jist of this week is that God lives. HE IS SO AWARE OF US!!! If any of you ever doubt that please understand that he KNOWS you. He LOVES you. He is HELPING you! I don't think I can say that enough. Heavenly Father is so aware! The video I want to share this week really just shows us his love for each of us.
I am pretty sure I have sent this before, but I just love it. I am so grateful to know that I am the daughter of a loving Heavenly Father. He knows me perfectly, and he still loves me. I am grateful to be one of his missionaries. God is so good!
I love each of you and pray that you will recognize the hand of God in you life each day. Have a great week!
-Sister Jensen
"Is this Heaven? No, it's Iowa."
Oh ya know... I'm just a big dog riding Sister Missionary. :)

When there is a puppy that is this cute... ya better believe I need a pic or two.