Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Spirit of Christ (mas)

Family!!! Can you believe it is Christmas already?? I am seriously shocked!! Where has the time gone??? I am just weirded out. I have a couple birthday shoutouts to give before I begin... First I will start with my little cousin Davis who turns one on Christmas day.  I am so baffled!! The year with him has flown! I remember when my aunt Michelle brought him home and I met him for the first time... gosh he was so chunky and the most adorable baby ever! Obviously, I fell in love with him instantly. His smile lights up a room! It is weird to think he will be big when I get home... All my Jensens out there, give him an extra hug from his favorite cousin Gabby for me! :) The next shoutout goes to my little half-sister Lynda! She is turning 13 on Christmas Eve. She is so old!!!! Me and Lynda have always had a love hate relationship. Haha she hates me and I love her. ;) No...kidding... we love each other. :) She is just awesome! She is my sassy little sister. Doesn't get better than that. Alright, I don't have a ton of time today, so I will just fill ya in on the important stuff:
Tuesday: We had our last lesson with Deloris... we had a really amazing lesson with her and the Spirit was so strong. Sister Barker and I both felt prompted to invite her to be baptized again, and again, she said no. We both decided that now just isn't her time to accept the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are very sad, but we know that Heavenly Father has better timing than we do. We know one day she will be ready. We also had another lesson with the See family. (The Jehovah's Witnesses.) Lets just say we went in all prepared and came out very humble. They pretty much tore us apart. Man... I wish I knew the Bible better!!! Whenever we talked about the Book of Mormon we did so well, but of course it always came back to the Bible and they just know it so well. Definitely a humbling experience. We talked a lot about the Plan of Salvation and I didn't know as much as I thought. It sounds brutal, but I am very grateful for that lesson. It reminded me that there is always room to grow and to learn. That night, we were able to drive to the Stake Center in Urbandale to pick up Sister Lloyd! She is a a sister who had finished her mission and was going home early for Christmas so she needed a place to stay till Thursday morning and we were the lucky ones who got her. :)
Wednesday: Sister Lloyd's first area was actually Raccoon River, so we were able to take her around to a bunch of people she had worked with but hadn't seen in a year! How lucky is that?!?!? The look on these
peoples faces when they saw her is something I will never forget. Sister Lloyd taught me a lot today about missionary work. It doesn't matter how many baptisms you had... if you helped someone there grow their faith in some way, you were successful. She truly was an amazing missionary! I am grateful everyday that Heavenly Father inspired President Jensen to have her come stay with us. She helped us more than we helped her.
Thursday: We had to wake up at about 5:30 to have Sister Lloyd to the airport by 6:30. That was weird... but I am so happy for her. She was so excited! :) We had district meeting today and we ate with the Penners and they gave us a tour of their amazing house. They are just the cutest couple ever basically. No joke. I love them so much.
Saturday: We helped a single mom in our ward pack up all of her house. Jessica is seriously my favorite lady ever!! She reminds me so much of my mom it isn't even funny!  She is about 35 and we get along very well. She is just so fun!! We pretty much did that all day and then she took us out to dinner and then we headed home and had a lesson with the Prices. In our jammies. Rocked it.
Sunday: Church? Cancelled. No joke! How weird is that?? Because our ward boundaries are so big, when the weather gets super bad they cancel church. President Jensen also grounded all mission vehicles though so I guess it worked out. We just talked with the Prices and did studies and took a nap... haha we couldn't help it! When they finally ungrounded all the cars, we went out to leave and quickly realized we were going nowhere. The Prices driveway is all gravel and it was so cold that the gravel froze. Yea.. we didn't drive at all
yesterday. SUPER WEIRD!!! We did want to do some work though so we booked it over to the Allen's house! They are the Prices' nonmember neighbors and they love us! We just huddled on the couch with the mom and caught up. It was fun. :) Well, that is the important stuff of the week! I would fill ya in on everything, but I just don't have any time! I hope you all have wonderful Christmas though! I am including a link to the new Nativity video that the Church has released. It is absolutely amazing!
It really reminds us what Christmas is truly about. Although it is very hard to be away from my family, I KNOW that there is no better place and no better thing that I could be doing this season. I have the opportunity every day to help people remember what Christmas is all about. I would not trade this for the world. I want to leave you all with my testimony that Jesus Christ lives. That he came to this earth as a baby to fulfill the atonement for each of us. I know that because of Jesus Christ, we all have the opportunity to return to live with Him and our Heavenly Father for eternity. I urge you to remember your Savior Jesus Christ this Christmas season in any way that you can. Watch a video about him, bear your testimony, read your scriptures and pray more. Whatever helps you think of Him. If you do so, you will blessed and your heart will be touched. Remember, just drop the last syllable and it becomes the spirit of Christ. I love you all and I pray for you everyday. I pray that you will have a very merry and wonderful Christmas. God bless!
-Sister Jensen
"Is this Heaven? No, it's Iowa."

Hahaha... it is amazing what people will give you when you help them move!!! :)

For any of you who didn't receive a Christmas card... :)

Sister Penner in her "workshop." She is the master of crafts. No joke.

The Penners AMAZING Christmas tree! She is the decorating queen!!! 

Me and sweet Karissa. (The 10 year old we are teaching) :)

The amazing Sister Lloyd who got to come and stay with us for a day.
She is freakin amazing!!