Tuesday, October 8, 2013

First Baptism!!!

This week, on Wednesday to be exact, will be my official "I have been away from home for 2 months" mark. Can you believe that?? I am literally shocked. Haha There have been a couple times I didn't think I would make it. I have though and it is because I have amazing family who supports me and an AMAZING Heavenly Father who loves me so much so he blesses me daily with a reason to stay.
I just have to start with the most important thing. I have to tell my big brother Taylor how proud I am of him. He received his mission call this week to Argentina. What an example! Taylor, you truly are a blessing in my life and I KNOW that you have been called to Argentina for a reason. There are people there who need to hear YOUR testimony of the restored gospel. Know that I love you and that you are always in my prayers. Everyone, make sure you give him a big hug for me when you see him!
Alright, because of a lack of time, I am just going to tell you a couple cool experiences from the week.
Monday: Kind of funny experience tonight. We were scheduled to have dinner with a member and they decided to just take us out. So we pull up to the restaurant and it is a bar. A legit bar.  It sounds like the beginning of a really bad joke... it was quite the experience. Haha...
Tuesday: We walked into a gas station for some drinks and the guy at the register started talking to us and we asked him if he knew who we were and he said, "Well yea, your missionaries. You're hittin the pavement for Jesus." Haha greatest thing I heard all day.
Wednesday: We found a new investigator! Her name is Linda and she is darling. She accepted the invitation to be baptized and we know that she will. She is quite the smoker though, but I know that if she will let it, the gospel will help her with that. I'll keep you updated!
Thursday: This day was kind of hard for me. We had district meeting and found out that an Elder I had come in with decided to go home. He was on a plane during district meeting. That was kind of hard for me. I couldn't quite decide if it was making me homesick or giving me a desire to work harder. Haha I still haven't decided... Thursday night was when our exchanges started with the STL's! So fun!
Friday: I got the most amazing Halloween package from my mom! Give her a giant hug for me when you see her. :)   Just a good day of planning and working. Friday night was super fun though! Most of you know that I have a secret cookie recipe, and on Friday I made "my cookies." They were bomb! The Price family loved them and they were a perfect treat to make for conference. :)
Saturday: What a great day! All the missionaries in our area (about 50) went to the stake center to watch conference. What a powerful experience! One of my favorite things said was from President Uchtdorf. "Doubt your doubt before you doubt your faith." What amazing counsel, especially for missionaries! Between the sessions, I, Sister Jensen, had my first baptism. Tyler was finally baptized and was confirmed the newest member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. What an amazing experience. To watch this 13 year old boy in white descend into the waters of baptism and be made clean... Wow. That is why I am here. I am here to help my brothers and sisters know how special the Gospel is. What a wonderful gift from my Heavenly Father. And to make the day even better, I went home to a package from my amazing sister with 17 PICTURES of my boys! Can you imagine?? Lets just say I was a happy camper. Haha BEST DAY EVER!!
Sunday: We had been invited by a member over to their house to watch general conference with a less active member of the ward. She fed us the most amazing breakfast! WAY better than the cereal we eat every day. ;) Sunday conference was awesome! I was hoping President Monson would announce some new Temples or something cause he didn't on Saturday, I guess that will have to wait till April. :) After the first session, we came back home and watched the second session with the Price Family. They are like our mission family so it was so fun to watch it with them!
Well, that is my crazy, amazing week! So much more happened, but because of time I couldn't share it all dang it! Just know though that I love you all! I truly am incredibly blessed to be part of such an amazing family who loves and supports me! You all are such great examples to me and I thank my Heavenly Father for you every day. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
-Sister Jensen
"Is this Heaven? No, it's Iowa."
One of the things I will miss most about Iowa. The amazing sunsets.

My district! Transfers happen this week so we just had to take a pic. :) Alright top row: Elder Leishman, Elder Leavitt (District Leader), Elder Mealy (Elder serving in my ward, Brazil Visa waiter), Elder Hodges (Also serving in my ward, us sisters  Elders Kneeling: Elder Payne, Elder Tappen(Brazil Visa waiter as well). Basically this is the greatest district ever!

Exchanges with our awesome Sister Training Leaders! Left to right: Hermana Collazos was with me, and then Hermana Stroud was with Sister Barker! We learned so much and it was a great experience

My sweet cookie making skills. :)
Tyler and his mom Ruth. :)
A picture I will cherish for the rest of my life. :)

The only other Sisters on our zone. Left to right: Sister Cannon, me, Sister Nye, Sister Barker. We are pretty tight. :)

In my 12 week training period, I get to be senior companion for a week 2 times. This week coming up is my week which means, I get to drive. Haha I haven't driven in 8 weeks so keep us in your prayers. :)